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PHOTOS: Eva Pigford’s Fiancé Micheal Sterling Announces He’s Running for Mayor

dsc_5562Supermodel Eva Pigford might be adding first lady to her extensive resume thanks to her fiancé Atlanta politician Micheal Sterling announcing he’s running for Mayor of the City of Atlanta. The couple was spotted at Atlanta’s Suite Lounge hosting a day party powered by Rockstar Promotions and Traxx Girls. The event was an opportunity for Micheal Sterling to connect with his constituents in the ATL and have a little fun.


Check out the details after the break.

Supermodel Eva Pigford is moving back to the ATL thanks to her fiancé/the love of her life Micheal Sterling who’s planting roots into the political arena of Atlanta’s City Government. The 34 year old politician recently announced his bid for the mayoral candidacy to replace out going Mayor Kasim Reed. The event was two fold an opportunity to connect with Atlanta residents and turn up at the same.

dsc_5692Eva Pigford originally from Los Angeles made Atlanta home for college where she attended Clark Atlanta University. We were in the same incoming freshman class and it’s dope to see how successful she has become over the last 10 years. Atlanta be sure to check out Micheal Sterling’s mayoral run and don’t forget to exercise your right to ROCK the vote.dsc_5394 dsc_5400 dsc_5405 dsc_5406 dsc_5411 dsc_5421 dsc_5425 dsc_5427 dsc_5431 dsc_5436 dsc_5439 dsc_5441 dsc_5445 dsc_5450 dsc_5451 dsc_5457 dsc_5460 dsc_5466 dsc_5471 dsc_5479 dsc_5480 dsc_5481 dsc_5486 dsc_5487 dsc_5492 dsc_5506 dsc_5507 dsc_5515 dsc_5516 dsc_5524 dsc_5529 dsc_5535 dsc_5540
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