PHOTOS: @JonesandRose Presents #NolaUltimatePopUpShop During the 2016 #EssenceFest



I had the opportunity to support and work with the good people over at Jones and Rose during their Nola Ultimate Pop Up Shop that included a dynamic Next Level Brunch on how to win as an entrepreneur and a wonderful shopping experience for guests enjoying the sights and sounds of the 2016 Essence Music Festival. I had the opportunity to attend the kick off brunch and vend during the event.The event was hosted by the Royal Momma Dee.

Check out the photos after the break.


One of my favorite beauty brands Jones and Rose hosted their annual Nola Ultimate Pop Up Shop during the 2016 Essence Music Festival. The highly celebrated beauty brand kicked off their weekend of activities by hosting a brunch and information driven panel discussion with Jahmal King of Steps Events, Teneya Love of Creme of Nature, and Real Estate Professional Shawn Bullard where they spoke candidly about their experience as business owners.

Guests were able to ask questions and interact with these dynamic personalities in business. The brunch was a way to bring about a PARTY for a PURPOSE type atmosphere to the Essence Music Festival.

The lovely Datfiyah served as host of the panel. The brunch was a perfect way to star the day of fun Essence Festival shopping, entertainment, and fun.


When we throw a party it has to be an element of Black Hollywood fun so I got my girl the Queen of the ATL Momma Dee to come out and serve as the celebrity pop up shop host.

DSC_8313 DSC_8297 DSC_8366

Momma Dee’s celebrity friends also came out to lend their support during the Essence Festival weekend celebration including Tameka Foster-Raymond, Lisa Nicole, Dr. Heavenly, and Gocha.

Check out our photos of the Jones and Rose’s dope Nola Ultimate Popup Shop.

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