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PHOTOS: K. Michelle Performs Live at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta


R&B Singer K. Michelle did her thing last night at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. As you know the songstress is on a country wide tour promoting her new music and showcasing her talent, artistry, and personality for her adoring fans.

Check out the details below.


Now you know I had to go see my girl R&B singer K. Michelle do her thing last night in Atlanta. K. Michelle is winning in music, business, and life these days as she travels around the country promoting her new music.


Atlanta loves K. Michelle and The Fox Theatre was sold out as her fans came out to show their support.


The concert was DOPE. K. Michellle did her thing and she brought out some of our favorite artists including the lovely Monica and the homie Rico Love as they performed their hits to the adoring fans. It was truly a treat to see Monica, Rico Love, and K. Michelle rock the same stage.


K. Michelle is doing it big with her partnership with Jack Daniels Whiskey. K. Michelle has the distinction of being the first African American to work with the iconic brand.


The lovely Karlie Redd made sure to come check out her girl K. Michelle. The two have a great friendship since their days of sharing the small screen on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.


K. Michelle told her fans that VH-1 is going to bring back season 2 of “K. Michelle: My Life“. The show did so well and K. Michelle enjoyed the experience so much that she’s ecstatic about the contiuation of the show. Also K. Michelle is working on a new reality show for VH-1 called “Cheaters” where she will help women catch their unfaithful spouses in the act of adultry.

K. Michelle is also stepping into the world of entreprenuership with the launch of a Hookah Lounge in Atlanta.

As you can see K. Michelle is winning in LIFE!

Check out the fun we had below:

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