[PHOTOS] Kandi Burruss Shines With Cast At Last Night Of ‘A Mother’s Love’ Play


DSC_1105The last night of Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love” was a family affair!  The crowd cheered many times throughout the production and Kandi, Porsha, D Woods, and all the cast came out to the lobby for pictures after the final show ended.

DSC_0909Eddie Levert and Shirley Murdock did a great job on stage!  Really dynamite performances from these entertainment veterans!

DSC_0434Todd’s Mom was very proud of her son and daughter-in-law Kandi for doing such a good job!

DSC_0496D Woods did a great job as well and looked stunning in her red dress closing night!  Check out all the pictures from the closing night of Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love” inside!
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