PHOTOS: Ludacris Hosts Welcome to Atlanta Dinner at Coke Headquarters



Ludacris and the entire DTP family are in the midst of one of the dopest events of Labor Day Weekend the 10th Annual LudaDay Weekend. Last night we had the opportunity to eat dinner at Coca Cola Headquarters and celebrate The Ludacris Foundation’s 10th anniversary. It’s truly a blessing to reach such a monumental milestone.


Check out the details below.

Just so y’all know my sophomore year at Clark Atlanta University; I had the opportunity to intern at ¬†DTP; which was one of the dopest experiences of my life. During my time at DTP I was inspired to work hard, give back, and it piqued my interest in the music industry. I am always excited to support and promote anything that Ludacris and the DTP family puts on including the epic Labor Day Classic known as “LudaDay Weekend” in the ATL.


Ludacris and the entire DTP family is doing it BIG for the 10th Anniversary of LudaDay Weekend. The crew was spotted getting their grown and sexy on at Atlanta’s Coca Cola Headquarters for the “Welcome to Atlanta” Dinner. The evening was truly star-studded as some of Ludacris’ high profile friends came out to show their support and learn more about the foundation’s many charitable endeavors.

Ludacris was thrilled to honor the dynamic team he built¬†over the last 10 years at The Ludacris Foundation that includes his mother Ms. Roberta Shields who is the foundation’s number one advocate. Ms. Shields works tirelessly throughout the year on the foundation, working with students, and various service projects powered by the charity. People assume that this event is easy but there is so much hard work put into the annual affair. Luda let everyone know at the intimate dinner hosted by Coca Cola that it’s truly a labor of love. The Ludacris Foundation is so much more than celebrity events, nice photos and parties.


Ludacris made a point to celebrate and honor the members that make up The Ludacris Foundation. Some of his team members have been around since the beginning. It’s always a blessing to have people on board who understand the vision and can fully execute it!


Coca Cola has noticed the foundation’s hard work in the community and decided to spotlight them with a nice evening. I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Borders, Chair of the Coca Cola Foundation, Vice President of Global Community Affairs and Raquel Harris Mason, Vice President of Sparkling Brands (Coca Cola – Coke Zero). It’s amazing to see young black women doing amazing things; they are truly inspiring!

I had a great time and Atlanta came out to show and lend their support. The intimate affair was well attended by the Atlanta’s professional community made up of politicians, business professionals, doctors, and lawyers. The celebrities were in attendance as well including:

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges
Larenz Tate
Keshia Knight Pulliam & Lisa M. Borders
David Banner


Tahiry Jose
Laura Govan
David Banner, Terrence J, and Luda
Mayor Kasim Reed
Shaka Zulu
Vincent Ireland

The evening was truly amazing. Congrats to The Ludacris Foundation!!!! Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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