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PHOTOS: Monica Takes Over #ATLPride


The lovely Monica was spotted giving her musical all last night at Atlanta’s Compound for one of the most exciting events of Labor Day the Atlanta Pride. The concept was at the Compound and Atlanta came out to show their support of the Black LGBT community and to get their party on. My good friends over at Traxx Girls put on a stunning event last night with my girl Dice Dixon and Gocha serving as celebrity hosts.



The evening was truly amazing! I love partying with the ladies and I always love the opportunity to see my girl Monica perform.

Check out the images below.

Tract Girls is doing it big this weekend for their Annual Labor Day Weekend Celebrations. The weekend started off with an iconic leap with the beautiful Monica performing live and in brilliance at Atlanta’s Compound Night Club. Guests got a chance to meet and greet with the lovely Monica while celebrating the weekend which is sure to be very eventful; filled with day parties and nightly concerts; wrapping up with an awesome festival at Piedmont Park tomorrow powered by the Pure Heat Community Festival. I mean it’s going down in the ATL this weekend. If you missed out on Monica last night; no worries I got all the images below.

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