PHOTOS: #PreachersofLA Advanced Screening With Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson in Atlanta



Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA” landed in Atlanta with a private screening featuring the larger than life Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson at the AMC Theater located in Phipps Plaza. I had the pleasure of meeting both preachers and talking about sex, religion, and Ferguson.

Check out the details below.


Oxygen’s Preachers of LA is coming back for its second season that is proving to be even more explosive than the first season. Nobody can get down like church people and I had the privilege of meeting  Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson at the advanced screening of Preachers of LA season two/episode one.


The new season picks up where we left each minister last time. We see Bishop Noel Jones in his relationship with his long time and patient girlfriend. We see Bishop Rob Gibson is still fiery and down for the hood. We see Preacher/Gospel Superstar Deitrick Haddon is building his family and still dealing with the repercussions of having a baby/babies outside of wedlock. We got the chance to watch the first episode and have a fiery and holy ghost spirited conversation with the good bishops moderated by Atlanta’s Praise 102.5 Darlene McCoy.


Bishop Ron Gibson cracked jokes while Bishop Noel Jones kept us sitting on the edge of our seats as he casually talked about the power of the libido and how it’s biblical not to have sex outside the confines of marriage.


We laughed with delight when Minister Canton Jones asked repeatedly how a man “a grown man” can keep his sexual desires under control. Bishop Ron Gibson says it’s hard while Bishop Noel Jones insisted that it depends on the person and that libidos vary from person to person. The lively conversation was shocking and refreshing at the same time.

Both bishops shared that they love the fact that their reality show is opening up dialogue and bringing all kinds of people back to GOD. That’s the purpose of Church right?

In addition to the screening and the discussion I had the opportunity to ask both preachers to weigh in on the issues impacting St. Louis. As prolific members in the black church I was really interested to hear their thoughts about Ferguson, Mo and the untimely death of Michael Brown.


Bishop Ron Gibson had the following to say,

” The shooting of Michael Brown was a shame and we definitely need to come together to bring about justice. But I want the community to know that Violence is not the answer! Given my past I can truly say that VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION will not bring about a positive solution.”

I would love to go to St. Louis alongside the other Preachers of LA to help minister and speak life into St. Louis. Apart of ministry is getting in the trenches and helping to mend the broken and the desperate. I feel our presence could bring a lot of ease to the St. Louis/Ferguson communities.”


Bishop Noel Jones had the following to say about Ferguson Mo and his thoughts on ministers,

This has nothing to do with me being a pastor or not. This has to do with me being an African-American male who has a voice in many instances about what is going on. And my voice is very very very serious about this! I think we ought to protest. We ought to scream. We ought to talk about everybody who has a badge and authority, and who misuses their authority.”
We need to reexamine what is the psychological profile examination of the people we put these badges on? I think there is a psychological profile that indicates their proclivity to be very profiling and violent to certain people.
Our biggest anti-deadly black crime is not coming from the police; it is not coming from the white man. It is coming from us. We should take the same energy, if not more energy into Chicago and into all of the other places where we are being massacred by our own people.

I had an amazing time connecting with both ministers and invite you all to check out season two of “Preachers of LA” that hits Oxygen on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm EST.

Check out the fun we had below.

Photos via PGRDresses.


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