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PHOTOS: Rapper Diamond’s Baby Blue Baby Shower in the ATL!


You all remember my girl Diamond formerly of Crime Mob and the superstar of Oxygen’s hit docuseries “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” has a lot to smile about these days as she prepares for the birth of her baby boy. The lyrical starlet had an epic Baby Blue Baby Shower over the weekend surrounded by her family and close friends in the ATL. Diamond was all smiles as she posed for dope pictures with her loving fiancé Mr. Payro. I had the pleasure of capturing pictures of her dope baby shower which was all about love and fun.

Check out the images after the break.

Rapper Diamond was all smiles as her family, close friends, and some of Atlanta’s biggest tastemakers came together to celebrate her journey into motherhood. Diamond alongside her fiancé Mr. Payro excitedly shared their enthusiasm and happiness about becoming new parents with their guests at the baby shower.

My girl Diamond is a busy lady these days as she gears up to be a new mom and continue to get her grind on as she works on dope music and continue to film the third season of her iconic docuseries “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” for Oxygen. This boss chick is all about balance as she smash goal after goal and pursue the life she wants! Diamond shared that motherhood is her greatest and biggest accomplishment today and she’s up for the challenge!

The baby blue baby shower was full of good food, great cake, games, and most importantly fellowship fun. Check out the fun we had in the images below.

Congrats to Diamond and Mr. Payro!!!!

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