PHOTOS: Tamar Braxton Hosts The 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Battle!



My girl Tamar Braxton was in the ATL to host the 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Battle one of the DOPEST hair battles I have ever seen. I really can’t tell you all about the hair battle because it’s slated to air on Centric October 21, 2016; but I will tell you this it is EPIC and my girl TAMAR did her thing as the HOSTTESS with the MOSTEST alongside Celebrity Stylist Dwight Eubanks!

The judges of the Bronner Brothers Hair Battle are titans in the hair care industry including my girl Shekinah Jo, Razor Chic, and Ms. Lawrence.

Check out the details after the break.


My girl Tamar Braxton is WINNING and she shined brilliantly over the weekend at the 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Battle where she served as the hostess of the show with legendary hair stylist Dwight Eubanks. The Hair Battle is all showcasing the brilliance of some of the most talented hairstylists in the game who are competing for a chance to win $10,000 and be crowned as the industry best when it comes to hairstyling. The five hairstylists teams had to prove their worth to industry titans: Shekinah Jo, Razor Chic, and Ms. Lawrence.


My girl Tamar Braxton was all smiles as she judged the Hair Battle. The starlet shined brilliantly as she worked the stage and interacted with the hairstylists and hyped the audience up during the battle. Tamar is not only looking good but doing very good these days. The star is continuing to build her brand which includes DOPE music and a new tv show that’s coming soon!!!!!!!!!


You all stay tuned to see my girl finesse her thing. Tamar’s loving husband Vincent Herbert was in the building to show support on his wife.

The night was fun as everyone in Atlanta showed up to see the Hair Battle including my girls Gocha and Ms. Shirleen who’s portrayed brilliantly by Christianee Porter of The Christishow!

The 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Battle was EPIC and you won’t want to miss it when it airs for Centric on October 21, 2016!!!!!!!

Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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