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PHOTOS: Tamar Braxton Hosts Traxx Girls’ “The Big Bang Fashion Show” With Mimi Faust, Trina Braxton, Toya Wright and Others


Tamar Braxton was the host for Traxx Girls’ “The Big Bang Fashion Show” held at the Georgia Freight Depot.

Check out the details below.


Traxx Girls’The Big Bang Fashion Show” was held at the Georgia Freight Depot hosted by the lovely Tamar Braxton. The girls were ready for Tamar and her fabulousness which included an evening of music and fashion.

The evening was star-studded as thousands of girls came out to show their love and support for Traxx Girls. The Big Bang Fashion Show is the largest Party for Women.


The evening was full of fun and glamour thanks to production of a fantastic fashion show spearheaded by Kontrol Magazine.
DSC_2189 DSC_2191 DSC_2216

Tamar was surrounded by thousands of lovely ladies to celebrate Pride Weekend. Imagine a room full of ladies enjoying live music, drinks, fashion, and fun.


Tamar was surrounded by fellow fashionable ladies including her sister Trina Braxton with husband Gabe.


LHHATL Reality Star Mimi Faust was spotted showing her love for the girls and partying like a Rock Star.


Celebrity Entrepreneur Toya Wright came out to support her girl Tamar and show love the Traxx Girls.


The newest cast member of RHOA Demetria McKinney was spotted looking fashionable in white supporting Tamar and The Traxx Girls.


LaLa Full Court Life Reality Star Dice Dixon with girlfriend Gocha were having a ball at the Traxx Girls’ “The Big Bang Fashion Show”


Celebrity Fashion Designer Reco Chapple was there to support his girl and show love to the fashionable Traxx Girls.



Of course I was there to show my support for my girls and my girl Tamar Braxton.


Shout out to the Traxx Girls on another spectacular event! Check out the fun we had at The Big Bang Fashion Show below
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