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PHOTOS: The Isley Brothers Headlines Funk Fest 2014!


The Isley Brothers are soul legends and they were live and in living color at Atlanta’s Funk Fest 2014 at Wolf Cree Amphitheater. They came out to a full band, back up singers, and dancers that showcased their decades long career full of chart topping hits, and baby making music. The Isley Brothers worked the stage as they played music that made the audience sway to the beat, raise their hands in the air, and rush home to get another baby.



Check out the seductive details below.


When you think of love music, soul music, fun music, and just let’s go half on a baby you tend to think of The Isley Brothers. Atlanta’s Funk Fest 2014 culminated with The Isely Brothers performing their love songs at dusk. The sun had set over the crowd at Wolf Creek Amphitheater. The mood was right and Atlanta was in the mood for some love-making music. We stood in awe as the band performed hit after hit after hit. Their catalogue is absolutely amazing. The Isely Brothers come from an era of true musicianship and showmanship. They performed their hits accompanied with background singers, dancers, and intensity.

Check it out below.


































I even spotted my girls OMG taking in the sights and sounds of the Isley Brothers. Be sure to come back and check out our video.

Video and Photos by Briana Crudup for FreddyO!

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