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PHOTOS: Toya Wright Celebrates 32nd Birthday with Celebrity Friends


The lovely Toya Wright celebrated her 32nd birthday with family and friends in 80’s grandeur and style by hosting a fun skate party at Atlanta’s Sparkle Skating Rink. The private at the Sparkles Rink for a fun-filled 80’s theme. Family and friends came from all over the country to celebrate life, friendship, and good old fashion Halloween fun.


Check out the details below.

The lovely Toya Wright celebrated her 32nd birthday with much grandeur and style at last night’s Halloween/Birthday/80’s themed skate party. The birthday girl rented out a local Sparkles Skating rink and invited her close family and friends to help her celebrate her birthday. Guests were told to wear their dopest 80’s attire and be prepared to have a good time featuring good music, food, and fun.


It’s a rare chance that all of Toya’s love ones get the opportunity to kick it thanks to everyone’s busy schedules that involve work and family. The birthday party was an opportunity to let loose and have some fun.


Rapper Fabolous came out to show some the birthday girl some love and have a little birthday fun.


Toya’s best gal pals were also in attendance including Dee Cardriche, Kandi Burrus-Tucker and her daughter Kaela Tucker, Rasheeda Frost with hubby Kirk Frost, Carmon Cambrice, Monyetta Shaw, Karen Civil, Ming Lee, Dice, Gocha, Bambi, and so many more.




The evening also featured Toya’s daughter Reginae Carter, her brother and mother.


Shout out to Toya’s good friend Mr. Rugs who made sure to come out and celebrate with the birthday girl.


The party was a hit and a perfect way to celebrate Toya’s Birthday and to kick off 2016 Halloween weekend.

Check out the images below.

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