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PHOTOS: #WeTv Hosts Private #CuttingitintheAtl Screening in Atlanta! Tune in Tonight on TV One !


I had the opportunity to attend the private screening of WeTV’s second season of their hot show “Cutting It In The ATL” that’s all about hair, business, and the beautiful boss chicks who dominate the beauty scene in Hotlanta.


Season Two is EXPLOSIVE with our cast of favorite beauticians, stylists, and boss chicks Maja Sly, Dedra Allen, Beautii J, LaKenya Morris, and Mushiya Tshikuk with new editions Pat Thompson, Evan Edwards, and Stephen Webster. We see the evolution of our girls who have used their platforms to expand their brands to include expansion of salons, the elimination of goals they once sought out, bringing about awareness and advocating for beauty professionals, and entertaining us viewers in the process.

Check out the details after the break.

The homies over at WEtv knows how to throw a party and they hosted an epic private screening of season 2 of their hot “Cutting It In The ATL“. The entire cast was on hand to mix and mingle with the guest before the screening and hosted a spirited panel discussion after we all watched with excitement the very first episode. As you can guess it the cast picks up right where they left off of which include working hard on their businesses and casting a little shade a long the way. In the first episode of season two Beautii J,hosts and event with her sisters in beauty Mushiya Tshikuk  and Maja. The first event was explosive when Dedra Allen shows up with her stylist and newcomer to the show Evan Edwards who cast tons of shade during the event. LaKenya Morris finds herself in an awkward position trying to navigate the different temperaments of her cast mates while making a name for herself in Atlanta’s hair care arena.

The first episode introduces Pat Thompson who wants everyone to know that she’s the originator of the $50.00 weave in the ATL and is driven to let the world know it. This season of Cutting It In the ATL is going to be truly entertaining and I invite you all to check out the premiere episode tonight Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Check out the photos and fun we had at the private screening below:

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