Photos : Women of Impact Private Dinner with Special guest Karen Civil !



Chief of Impact Magazine Tunisha Brown celebrated the publication’s ten year anniversary hosting inaugural women of Impact dinner with special guest Karen Civil! Karen Civil is social media and public relations strategist focused on hip-hop artists.


The private event showcased the top 50 influential women with Towanda Braxton, Rasheeda Frost, Princess Banton- Lofters, Toya Wright, Tameka  Raymond, Angie Stone, Ming Lee, Lisa Nicole Cloud and much more! Each of the women has definitely taken the word Boss to another level! Their influential impact on women by far has definitely made people, in general, step their game up! I love seeing our ladies win and thank you so much for sharing the knowledge that others need to hear to get started on their way to a successful journey!

check out pics courtesy of Briana Crudup

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