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Pics: Old School Hip Hop Fest at Wolf Creek Amphitheater !


I still vibe to my old school hiphop music ! It was so dope seeing the people i grew up listening to still rocking the mic ! From break dancing to the crowd enjoying the good vibes, this was definitely an epic concert ! Wolf creek continues to bring that fire ! Shout out to all the artist, Juvenile, Bigdaddy Kane, Rob Bass,Whodini,  Bonecrusher, Doug.E Fresh and Slick Rick for blessing my city with the dopiness, Salute !

The “Good Music Still Lives!” campaign seeks to keep artists whose music was the soundtrack, and in some cases, a blueprint of areas our lives, during our ‘younger years’ in the forefront… to keep fans updated on their NEW music and performances… AND to showcase ‘next generation’ artists and new talent who are (or have been) musically influenced by these soundtrack (and/or blueprint) artists… to remind the world that Good.Music.Still.Lives! Shout out to Lisa Gee from “Connecting You To” for the invite!

Photo credit : Briana Crudup

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