Pretty Ricky let graduates walk on tour stage



RNB group ‘Pretty Ricky’ are on their Mellinium Tour. While in New Orleans a few High School graduates were granted the oppurtunity to have their graduation walk on Pretty Ricky’s stage.


Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip hop group which originated from Miami, Florida. The group originally consisted of brothers Ala Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith and “Spectacular” Blue Smith, Corey “Slick em” Mathis, and Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper. Baby Blue and Spectacular are blood brothers. Slick is their cousin.


Pretty Ricky are on tour and theyrl recently heard something about graduates that motivated them to be generous. A few students at a highschool were reportedly denied the oppurtunity walk during graduation becuase of a final Senior prank they were pulling. The RNB group decided this was unfair and they let the students walk on their tour stage.



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