R. Kelly, Devyne Stephens and the Stiletto Bosses Take Over Club KARMA’s All White Affair


Picture 65Devyne Stephens, R Kelly, and iced  out Watch Guest Invade KARMA nightclub in Stone Mountain

Saturday night Club Karma R Kelly hosted one of  the biggest white parties I’ve seen since one at a Tom Joyner family reunion. I think everyone who lived in the city of Stone Mountain, Decatur, Lithonia and Oakland (wait we were in Georgia) ok Macon, came out all clad in white to see  and rock to the Host Derek Harper. R Kelly and the Stiletto Bosses show up and Turn Up! Check out the details

Picture 37Devyne Stephens, Derek Harper and the King R Kelly

R Kelly,  Stiletto BossesEverybody was trying to get up close and personal with R Kelly but his security was NOT having it!R Kelly, Stiletto BossesWho’s Pulling up in the Rolls Royce Limo?

Stiletto Bosses

CeCe Peniston? Nawww looks too young to be her

Stiletto Bosses, R KellyChick from Girlfriends? Nawwww

Picture 87We introduce you to “The Stiletto Bosses” (Video to be posted after the break)

Picture 56The Stiletto Bosses were in the building getting ready to TurnUp

Picture 143I see you out here Stiletto Bosses . I know yall got a roll for FreddyO. Just let me know.

Picture 72Stiletto Bosses doing interviews at the party. I tell ya these chicks don’t ever stop working! Relax and have a drink!! Where’s R Kelly?

Picture 71Now that’s more like it!

Stiletto BossesOk ok, cocktails flowing, No more Boss mode, What you twerking with?

Picture 52Ladies Ladies Ladies there’s enough of R Kelly to go around….

Picture 73Found him!!! What up Rob?

Picture 66Well thats it yall. R Kelly is out! On to the next one!


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