Ray Lewis Puts Hold On Baby Mama Trying To Research His Finanaces



Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his baby moms, Sharnika Kelly are in a battle over child support and she is looking to hire forensic investigator to go through all of his finances.As reported by TMZ, she believes that Lewis withheld income. The battle is over their young son and she wants her current agreement signed back in 2001 to be thrown out and a new one to be put in place.

Kelly has requested a forensic investigator come in and determine how much the NFL star is actually worth. She would like to increase her current $3,500 per month to more. Lewis filed legal documents in Florida asking a judge to ban his baby mama from looking through his finances.

Lewis argues the order established in 2001 is true and if she wanted to fight it then she should and could have. No ruling on the case yet.


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