Rihanna Remembers Bob Marley In Barbados (PHOTOS)


Friday we saw Rihanna showing off her slim body in a strappy white number and now we’ve got her showing off her body in a one piece Bob Marley swimsuit. She’s still in Barbados even after throwing down at her LOUD concert that took place Friday. It appears she’s taking some time off to hangout with friends and family. We know she loves the water so what better way to relax than on a boat? Looks like a ton of people were there to kick back and relax with the popstar too.

From the looks of things, Rihanna had no diva attitude as she got down and dirty with everyone else. While her one piece is simple and isn’t showing off her abs that we usually see, it’s still cute and very native.

Looks like everyone got their chill on with some drinks and a plate food. Sounds like an okay day to me.

From the looks of things, Riri is really enjoying her time at home.

Rihanna even had a little fun in the water with tubes and is seen pictured above with what looks to be a beer. Alrighty Riri! Seems like she had a fun time indeed.  Do you like her Bob Marley swimsuit? Check out more pictures below:

Spotted @Rihanna Daily


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