Trina’s Brother, Wilbrent Bain, Shot and Killed : Killer Arrested Ron Dobson


sad-news-trinas-brother-wilbrent-bain-shot-and-killedTrina is mourning the loss of her brother. The rapper’s brother, Wilbrent Bain, was shot and killed Tuesday morning in Northwest Miami. While details are scarce, neighbors suggest that Bain had been involved in an altercation with a person he knew when he was shot. Miami-Dade police have arrested one person in connection with the shooting, but they are not releasing the person’s name. Meanwhile, close friends of Wilbrent are grieving. Family friend Reverend Gary Johnson calls Bain’s death a “terrible tragedy.” Bain’s neighbor Demetrius Hammond says he’s “hurt” because Bain is gone “for no reason at all.”

The homies over at HipHollywood report A 27-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Wilbrent Bain, brother of Florida rapper Trina. Bain was shot and killed in Miami on Tuesday morning, but by Tuesday night, authorities already had a suspect in custody.
ron-dobsonSources report Bain, who goes by the moniker “Gonk”, was friends with the man accused of killing him, Ron Dobson. According to authorities, the two men had an ongoing dispute that ended with Dobson shooting Bain multiple times.

Dobson confessed to his involvement in his friend’s death after being read his Miranda rights, a police affidavit reveals.

Our prayers are with her!!!


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