Sheneka Adam’s Addresses Recent Sex Tapes + KING Magazine Web Girl Of The Year Award + And Upcoming Projects


Since arriving on the scene in 2009, socialite Sheneka Adam’s has enjoyed major successes and minor setbacks. From winning the 2011 KING Magazine “Web Girl of the Year” Award to unauthorized releases of sex tapes, there is no doubt that Sheneka has not only increased her popularity, but stirred up her share of controversy. In efforts to address recent allegations, Sheneka is submitting a statement to clear recent rumors circulating online and give some insight about her upcoming projects.

Sheneka states,

“Regarding the recent allegations connecting me to posted by, it should be noted that I have never had any affiliation with the website or anyone representing the site. In addition, last week I regretfully addressed a sex tape which a former acquaintance released virally. While I do regret the tape was made public, please believe that the tape was of a private nature shared between myself and someone I was in a romantic relationship with at the time. It was sad, hurtful and upsetting to not only me, but to my family, that someone would take something so private and publish without my consent.”

She continues,

“I am sure it is safe to say that when growing up, most people have made dumb and even questionable decisions…however, as we get older, we learn from our bad decisions. I have… and now I am ready to move on with my life and plans.”

Even with the recent minor setbacks, Sheneka continues to move forward as new doors open up further her career. Within weeks, Sheneka will announce upcoming endorsement deals, launch her own line of beauty products, begin working on her book, TV, and movie projects, promote her blog,, continue her nationwide tour as KING Magazine’s “Web Girl of the Year”, and most importantly continue her philanthropic efforts.

Sheneka comments:

“I am focused on growing my brand and heading a million dollar empire. I want to get into so many things and I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to have a voice.”

KING Magazine’s “Web Girl of the Year” Tour Dates:
May 27 Orlando FL
May 28 Miami, FL
June 30 Rochester NY Cedric the Entertainer
July 1st Buffalo NY
July 2nd Rochester NY Cedric the Entertainer


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