Sherri Shepherd’s Tweets About Final Taping for ‘The View’ Featuring Arsenio, Yolanda Adams and BBD!



Today Sherri Shepherd will film her final episode for ‘The View’. I had the chance to chat with her last night and she’s so excited about the next chapter of her life. That chapter includes so many great things, people, and projects.
Check out the details below.

Sherri Shepherd is filming her final episode for ABC’s ‘The View’. I spoke with Sherri Shepherd and she let me know that she is in a great place right now. She seems to be much better than great. The term that best describe Sherri Shepherd these days is ecstatic. She shared that she has just signed on to a new movie ‘Ride Along 2’ alongside Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Tikka Sumpter. She shares that just because ‘The View’ has ended does not mean her life has stopped. She’s really happy and thankful for all of her family, friends, and fans for their continuous support.

Sheri took to Twitter to share her enthusiasm about her final taping for ‘The View’. That is a mighty fine line up that will appear on the show. Seems like Sherri Shepherd’s final episode is going to be an epic concert featuring the likes of R&B and Gospel Greats!

In addition to hot musicians Sherri’s special co host guest will be Arsenio Hall. Could there be some synergy in the works for these two? Maybe we will see Sherri and Arsenio doing some work together.

Sherri then publicly thanked Barbara Walters for giving her the opportunity to touch so many on ‘The View’.

Seems like Sheri is heading to bigger and better things. Be sure to check my girl out on August 11, 2014 as she says goodbye to ‘The View’

She shares a funny about her little boy Jeffrey wanting to see his favorite celebrity couple,

Congrats Sherri on seven wonderful years on tv! The best is yet to come!


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