Swizz Beatz Endorses Bing Search Engine (VIDEO)


Swizz Beatz is endorsing yet another product. This time it’s something that may seem a little out of the ordinary for a hip-hop figure: Bing search engine. In the video, it shows Swizz Beatz in NYC typing in a club called The Foundry on the search engine Bing. He then clicks share which then goes out to a number of people’s smart phones. Everyone seems in a rush to get to The Foundry where they get to see Swizz perform live. After the concert, Swizz uses the Bing search again to find somewhere to vacation and calls up his wifey Alicia and tells her it’s time to jet.

Swizz Beatz has been doing his thing lately with these endorsements. What do you think will be next type of product that Swizz uses his celebrity to endorse?


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