Teddy Riley vs Babyface Song Battle: We Still Gotta Wait


The epic most anticipated song for song versus match up was suppose to take place, Saturday Night, April 18. However it didn’t quite go down like that, Teddy Riley was having some sound issues; while Babyface was “social distancing” playing his records with no issues. After trying to fix the issue live, and letting the over a million ig live viewers watch them try to get it right. The musical legends decided to end the live and set it up for another day. But the internet has no chill, the videos and memes have hit the internet mocking the fails of the night.

Swiss Beats and Timberland got on live and said their peace about it, and agree to give them their fair turn of the versus battle. Swiss said Teddy was doing too much, but they gonna get it right and reset the date.

Babyface and Teddy Riley both put message on their own pages,


Teddy Riley


They only got 3 songs in, I can only image how this battle was going. Teddy Riley would hit em with a banger then Babyface would counter and just hit with a bigger banger. It was an event. The memes and videos have been circulating about the fail of tonight. In my opinion, Teddy Riley wanted to give a show not just play the songs. Riley records are big enough without all that, but i think T pain inspired him to take his half of the versus up another level than just play the song. All we want to do is here the songs. At the end of the day all the memes and videos on social media can circulate, but I can’t wait until they “Teddy Riley” get his “sound” right, and they pick the next date.





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