Terri J Vaughn, Melanie Fiona, Angie Stone Shines in ‘da Kink in My Hair’


DSC_0722 My home girls Terri J Vaughn, Melanie Fiona, and Angie Stone does a WONDERFUL job in their performance of Trey Anthony’s ‘da Kink in My Hair’. I had the opportunity to attend the wonderful stage play opening night. All of Atlanta was there including some of my favorite celebrity friends.


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‘da Kink in My Hair’ was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to check out the wonderful stage play by Trey Anthony on opening night. The house was packed to capacity and many stars including my home girl Kandi Burruss, Towanda Braxton, Dice from ‘LaLa Full Court Life’, Demetria McKinney, Q. Parker of 112 and others were also in attendance.




The play showcased 12 different monolgues of women dealing with a variety issues such as self-esteem, death, sexual abuse, romance, and addictions. The play showcased each actress in a very dynamic and positive light. Terri J Vaughn had us all gasping for air as she depicted a young woman attempting to balance the world on her shoulders. Melanie Fiona showed us the plight of the pretty haired girls who are viewed as having it easy because of their appearance, and Angie Stone bout took us to church with her epic protrayal of her dynamic character and powerful song selection.



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‘da Kink in My Hair’ directed and acted by Trey Anthony was an amazing piece of African-American theater. As I enjoyed my drink and candy I realize how important theater is to our community. The theater is the last frontier for true and passionate expression of ideas and concepts. I invite you all to check out more information on ‘da Kink in My Hair’.

Did you make it to see the stage play?


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