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The Conjuring 2!

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Have you ever heard of anyone getting so scared in a horror movie that they actually die? No, right? Yea, me neither, this is exactly why when receiving this recent news of a case like that I was so shocked. On Thursday night in Tamil Nadu, India a man around the age of 65 who was apparently complaining about heart problems before the movie started passed away in the theater from the fast racing of his heart. You know what happens next right?

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Sadly, the moviegoer became really scared as the movie became more and more suspenseful and the man had a heart attack right there in the theater. Of course, this caused an uproar and the paramedics rushed to reach him for the medical attention that he needed.

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Unfortunately, before help could reach the man he had already passed. This issue is very serious and is not something to take lightly at all. If you know you have heart problems please take the proper precautions before entering a suspenseful movie or rides at an amusement park.


We are praying for this his family and this is a urge for people to take their health more seriously.

I heard the movie was very good though, so after you get that clearance from your doctor head on over to watch that movie!

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