The Sheards – RECAP

On tonight’s episode of “The Sheard’s” J. Drew and Kierra (brother and sister ) battle the struggle of the secular vs. gospel world. The homie J. Drew is an on fire music producer and writer and his sister Kierra a gospel singer. Both are ready to take their careers to the next level.
J. Drew is ready to step outside of the gospel world and into the secular world of pop/hip hop. He tried convincing his sister she should do the same with her singing career like Katy Perry, who apparently started out in Christian music and then decided she kisses girls and likes it!!!
“Faith Won’t Fail”:

“I Kissed the Girl”:

Kierra refuses to go that route because she don’t want to compromise her values and her family’s legacy in gospel music and ministry.
Kierra chooses to focus on her gospel career and deal with her constant struggle with losing weight. This episode exposes Kierra’s frustration with her weight and wanting a quick fix by having lap band surgery.
Kierra homie, you are beautiful hit the gym and fix your eating you will be fine!
Kierra and J Drew feel the pressure of filling the shoes of their very successful parents. Bishop Sheards feels that Drew should follow in the family’s footsteps and pursue ministry instead of Hip Hop.
Their mother is a legend in gospel music so J. Drew is definitely the rebellious child of the family. Pursuing a career outside of gospel.
PK kids always are held to a different standard, it will be interesting to see what route both J.Drew and Kierra take during the course of the season.

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