To Have and Hold Charlotte – New Series on OWN TV

(l-r) Ursula, Alane, and Christine Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

FreddyO was on the scene today to meet 3 very inspiring couples coming to OWN TV’s new series “To Have and Hold Charlotte”. I must say the people in the city of Charlotte are doing more than OK. Me and my media comrades were privy to a private Media Lunch which took place at the Gathering Spot. 

Alane & Yandrick, Christine and Darhyl, Ursula & Clinton

Pictured above the socialites “Alane & Yandrick; next the soul mate love birds Christine & Darhyl; and then there is Nurse Ursula the Vegan and hubby Clinton.  We know how they say reality television is a formula for divorce however these couples believe the fact they have been married over 10 years each that their love can stand the test and time of reality television. Only time will tell. This definitely seems like a show I can get into.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 8.11.42 AM
(l-r) Ursula Douglas, Alane and Christine

As with any ensemble couple series there is always the struggle relationship couple and the “This is the Situation” couple. You must tune in so you can make your OWN identification of who truly runs Charlotte. All the couples are definitely winning as relationships are hard work and you will see how each couple is dedicated to putting in the work!

Own Describes the show stating the following:

To Have and To Hold: Charlotte follows the real challenges couples face, from financial stress, to issues with intimacy, to the ups and downs of parenthood. The tight-knit couples like to let loose and have fun, and while these passionate and often opinionated friends may have their differences, they will ultimately do anything for each other. As marriages and friendships are put to the test, will they have the love and strength needed to thrive or will some of these relationships crack under the pressure?

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