Trailer For “Things Fall Apart” Starring 50 Cent



Do yall remember when 50 Cent lost all that weight and look like he was dying, for a movie role? Well, the homie Necolebitchie is reporting that the unofficial trailer for that very film, Things Fall Apart, directed by and starring Mario Van Peebles, as well as Lynn Whitfield and Ray Liotta, has been released after it’s premiere this weekend at the Miami International Film Festival.

In the movie, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson plays University of Michigan football player Deon Barnes, an NFL hopeful whose career plans are deferred by a cancer diagnosis. 50 reportedly dropped close to 60 pounds for the role, and when photos were released months ago of the dramatic weight loss, the emaciated 50 Cent was the ridicule of jokes from the public.

Here’s the trailer tell me what you think?

People I bet you didn’t know that 50 cent not only stars in the film, but wrote the script, financed the film himself, and is releasing it via his production company, Cheetah Vision Films. In an interview last year, he revealed that the movie was inspired by the loss of a close friend:

“It was inspired by the lost of my friend growing up. One of my best friends that lived across the street from me. He actually died of cancer and that’s what inspired me to write the screenplay.There is no way to portray the experience of losing someone that close to you outside of you investing yourself in the project for real. I kind of went through this thing where I was trying to emulate what he looked like to me at that point and that’s what helped me to continue to lose the weight.”

Just so yall know 50 is working on his next studio album Black Magic, releasing his own headphones line, Sleek By 50, and has inked a deal for a new movie role.



  1. WOW – that looks to be really interesting. Gave me a new preception of 50. Tearing up just watching the trailer.


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