Verzuz : Snoop Dogg vs Jay Z ???


The Verzuz battle have been a hit online; celebrity artist producers have been putting their hits up against each other. There are battles lined up like the Ludacris and Nelly verzus battle going on this Saturday, May 16, 2020. However, Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe had a conversation about Snoop vs Jay Z. 

Snoop Dogg said, “It would be a Snoop or a Jay-Z because he has been the King of New York around the time I’ve been the King of the West.”

Fat Joe chimed in and talked about how Jay-Z is more of an introvert and quiet and he’s not too sure if the battling concept would be something that he is into. Nonetheless, he thinks that it would be a good matchup.

What do ya’ll think? Do you agree? I think it would be a dope battle both have hella hits; King of the East vs King of the West. 



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