[Video] Footage Of The “Avatar” Rides At Disney World


The chances of the world ever seeing Avatar 2 or Avatar 3 are seeming pretty slim at this point, as James Cameron continues to talk a lot of game that up until now he hasn’t followed up on at all. The Academy Award winning movie is one of the highest-grossing films of all time but the promise of multiple followup movies hasn’t been fulfilled — or even come close. It’s a good thing then that Disney World is here to save the day and offer up some Avatar content while fans wait for what they’ve been promised to appear.

Two Avatar-themed rides are set to open at Disney’s Florida theme park this Spring, and in advance of the grand reveal they’ve released a few teasers of what the rides will look like. The first gives a sense of what the river ride will look like, with obligatory shots of children looking at their surroundings with unfettered joy on their faces.

The second sneak peek gives a look at the Banshee-themed ride which looks like a more technologically advanced ride than anything Disney has done before. It will give fans the chance to actually ride one of the large birdlike creatures that the Na’vi ride in the movie. The video clips are short, leaving a lot to the imagination, but if any place in the world can pull off a magical Avatar ride for all to enjoy, it’s the happiest place on Earth.

The rides are set to open on May 27th, so fans better hope that Disney World doesn’t experience some James Cameron-style delays between now and then


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