VIDEO: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 12: “Turnt Up”


ove-and-hip-hop-atlanta-season-2On the last episode of LAHH, Kirk is confronted about his wild behavior at the “boys getaway weekend,” Joseline presses Stevie to be more committed, Erica seeks greater financial security, and Ariane aspires to become a backup singer for K. Michelle. Check the quick recap and full episode inside…

“If he saying we was turnt up, and she say they was turnt up, then they was turnt up!”


Rasheeda says to Traci as she gets news about Kirk’s shady boots business at the lake house with Benzino.

lahh-s2e12-freddyo-missjayeKirk was laid up with some randoms clearly enjoying his time away from Rasheeda and his marriage, but it was clearly at the cost of getting back on Rasheeda’s good side. And you can almost guarantee she pulled a “Waiting to Exhale” moment on Kirk and his clothes once she confronted him. Was it really worth it, Kirk?

lahh-s2e12-freddyo-missjaye5Joseline takes Stevie J house hunting in an attempt to put another nail in that commitment coffin she’s trying to confine him to. Stevie looks to be contemplating it, because his goal to win back Mimi isn’t really working.

lahh-s2e12-freddyo-missjaye6Momma Dee announces that her (ahem) Prince Scrappy has been released from jail and is now a free man. All is well in the land…until Erica tells him she pawned her engagement ring because she needed some money. Scrap is clearly hurt by this and once Momma Dee gets wind of it, she goes off. And so does Erica’s mother Mingnon. You absolutely have to watch this showdown. No spoilers.

lahh-s2e12-freddyo-missjaye2So Ariane says she’s a singer. Pause. How come we are just now hearing about this? This is the second season, right? K. Michelle tells her she’s holding an open audition for backup singers to go on her new tour, and Ariane literally begs to come and audition. lahh-s2e12-freddyo-missjaye4K. was a little thrown off because, like us, this was her first time hearing that Ariane had singing aspirations. We thought she was a bartender…anyway, the audition didn’t go so well. Ariane said she was sick, but that’s what they all say.

Check out the rest of the ratchetness in the full episode here:


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