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Kanye West spoke out to Hot 97 earlier this week after ‘MTV’s MC Hottest List‘ came out to give his opinion. Not only did he have a lot to say about who was picked but he had something to say about host Sway. Check out Sway’s response to Kanye inside. Sways sat down and discussed his reaction to Kanye:

How he feels about Kanye’s reaction:

“Umm, Kanye has actually won the list before. This is our 8th time doing it. The purpose of the list was to make people raise they bar up. So when Kanye reacted to that, I wouldn’t expect him to react any differently. I was at dinner and my name started trending……I took a TV from him. It wasn’t that he gave it to me. He kept it int he sink and was gonna throw it away bc the TV wasn’t big. Man, 12 years later, the TV came to surface. In all fairness, Kanye is one of the most valuable. I like when Kane goes off on his rants. It’ll take a lot more than a rant to really shake me up. Negativity is something I don’t flirt with. The chidish sh*t that the rappers go through; that’s childish for a grown man.”


How was the list created?:

We made a master list, then we started debating not everybody on the table agreed with every number of artist. Whether you average it out or you do the voting. This is where it comes. This is our list. That’s why it’s only people of MTV. So at number 10 the brain trust had deducted that Meek Mill will be the #10 mc. had a great year. Put out some mixtapes. Put out some albums. Number 9, which was very controversial, was Future. You know people feel like well he’s not a real mc. Some people may agree but he’s hot right now. HES HOT. Number 8 was A.$.A.P. Rocky. He came with the a.s.a.p. movement, made a big splash for himself. Long time since a Harlem guy got on top. Number turned out to be Kanye West. What happened was at first it was Big Sean and then people voted it and they flipped it around now Big Sean is number 6. Now it was revealed yesterday that our number 5 the top 5 is drake. Based on the average the voting. Drake didn’t put out an album but he’s been on a lot of hot features….started from the bottom he one of the illest in the game right now. Style to style drakes one of the illest in the game. Number has not been revealed yet but I’ma do this…the number 4 hottest mc in the game….will be revealed today on rapfix at 4pm. Because of this Kanye rant I’m gonna reveal number 4 and number 3 hottest mc in the game. And we gonna have Lil Kim come by the show. Its on MTV jams. If you don’t have MTV jams go to Lil Kim is gonna come on the show and we’re gonna commemorate the death of Notorious B.I.G. and talibkweli is coming on the show. He’s gonna be there as well representing Brooklyn.”

History surrounding the TV emphasis:

“I did remember that. You know what I’ma do? That very TV today…I still have that TV he’s talking about. But it’s a lot about this story that Kanye West did not reveal. There’s more to the story ladies and gentleman, and typically I don’t  bring stuff to the surface I protect relationship. Today I’m gonna bring that very TV that Kanye West is talking about to rapfix and I’ma sit it on the set and let that TV cohost with me and I’m gonna tell the entire story of my first TV courtesy of Kanye west 4pm rapfix on MTV jams.”

Source: TheJasmineBrand


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