Wendy Williams Is Now A TV Movie Producers : New Show “Satan’s Sisters”


Wendy Williams is trying to get to that check. The talk show host is now about to become a movie producer and already set to film her first TV movie. Let me say this first, I am so pissed that one of my favorite morning shows, that I watch every morning, will be gone for the next 2 months on summer hiatus, and wont be back live with new shows until September… Damn damn damn… Now back to the story…

The Queen of drama plans to team-up with Suzanne de Passe and Phillip Madison Jones for a television show series based on Star Jones’ novel, “Satan’s Sisters.”
This is just the beginning of something bigger, though. The all-lady-trio is aiming to begin making some multicultural magic all under the “Wendy Williams Presents” name.

“We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with de Passe Jones Entertainment and adding to their stellar and lengthy string of highly successful films,” Wendy said.

As part of the beginning of the new partnership, or trio, the ladies may initiate the transformation of Star’s novel to a series to a film.

Incase you don’t know who Passe and Jones… Suzanne de Passe is most recognized for producing “Sister Sister” and the TV movies, “The Temptations” and “The Jackson’s.” Madison Jones’ credits include being executive producer of President Obama’s Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball. Jones founded IPM, an entertainment, media and IP licensing firm that is best known for concluding a global licensing program for the estate of Martin Luther King, Jr. I smell money all I am saying is Wendy how you doing, and can I get a check?…. LOL


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