Who’s “From Atlanta” For Real?


Omeretta the Great,has created a bit of uproar with her “Sorry Not Sorry” record, watch video suggests that if you don’t live in Fulton County then you are not Atlanta. She claims she’s an “A” baby, but shot a video in Cobb County which is definitely not Atlanta. With all the talk stirring about “What’s Atlanta?” and “Are you really from Atlanta?”,  The city of Atlanta is a great place; and, yes everyone wants part of it. Platinum artist songwriter, Mika Means, have been pushing a record called “From Atlanta” for a year, as an ode to Atlanta; because nowadays everyone want’s to be from here.

Check out Mika Mean’s From Atlanta music video,  paying homage to one of the cities everyone wants a piece of. In the song she suggests, “Everybody Traps , Everybody Raps, Everybody Act, Everybody Cap” hey sounds like ATL to me. By the way, The video was shot in the city of Atlanta, with the real people of Atlanta.


It is true “Atlanta Influcenes Everything”. Mika means “From Atlanta is streaming on all platforms, follow her online @therealmikameans. This is just the start; there’s much more to come from Mika Means this year.



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