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FREDDYO has some really big things in the works with the FreddyO brand. We are looking to build our team and take it to the very next level.

What we are looking for?

We are open to interns interested in writing, blogging, social media, videography, public relations, and social media. If you want to learn from the best hit us up!


You must have FREE TIME.

You must have a willingness to learn WORDPRESS.

You DON’T have to be in ATLANTA!

You must be a team player!

 If you are interested in winning, learning, and walking away with a memorable experience email us at for more details.

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The lovely lades of VH1′s Atlanta Exes celebrated their season finale and a night on the town with the girl at Atlanta’s Bougalou Lounge. The ladies have so much to celebrate which includes finding their own unique voices, having fun, and one even got a man in her life.

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Atlanta hosted a sneak preview of author Zane’s new film from celebrated book “Addicted”. The movie is smoking hot, lots of sex scenes, lots of celebrity nudity, and lots of over the top erotica. That movie was amazing; Atlanta came out to show its support for Zane and her hot new film that’s been in the making for several years.

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In case  you missed it, check out the interview of Lil Kim on the Breakfast club, courtesy of the breakfast club !


This weekend Tons of Your favorite Hip Hop Artist flooded Forbes Arena on the campus of Morehouse College for the return of the King concert Live featuring TI, Rae Sremmurd and Tiffany Foxx Also joining them was Niche Mchelle, Mo Millionz, Que, TK N Cash just to name a few! The event was hosted by the PR Mentality Network agency and funded and sponsored by DBo’s Wings & More.

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The homies The Migos are back with some hot new music and I had the opportunity to check them out at their private listening party and birthday celebration for Rici. The Migos are known for their infectious music and fun.

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Over the weekend Keri Hilson and the OMG Girlz lent their celebrity to an awesome cause called Pretty Girls Sweat. Pretty Girls Sweat is a national organization championing and inspiring young women to get their groove on while being healthy. Keri Hilson and OMG Girlz are definitely pretty girls who love to get their sweat on.

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“Return of the King” live Concert at Forbes Arena !

ti return of the king-3479

Return of the King” Live in Concert Featuring: TI, Rae Sremmurd, Tiffany Foxx, TK N Cash & Surprise Celebrity Pop Up Performances throughout the night |  Hosted by DC Young Fly

check out pics by Briana Crudup and Calvin Lionell for Freddyo!

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