Aaron Hernandez is in the news again and it’s not about being a killer but  a woman beater!

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According to TMZ Aaron Hernandez  was involved in a domestic incident with his fiancée a year ago that resulted in the police having to come to his rental home that sits inside of a beach front community in L.A.

Law enforcement sources says Aaron Hernandez was renting a place in Hermosa Beach  in June, 2012, when a neighbor called police to report a domestic disturbance  — “fighting” — between the ex-Patriots star and his fiancée, Shayanna
inside his home. When the police arrived, Jenkins said she was ok and didn’t want to  press charges so they left without making an arrest.

Law enforcement sources also tells TMZ that the police came to the house several other  times after neighbors made noise complaints.  One source says Hernandez  “acted like an a**hole” when cops responded.

Aaron Hernandez still has the rental home.  Our law enforcement  sources say so far … cops have not obtained a warrant to search the apartment.

Aaron Hernandez was thug life.

What you think about the ever evolving story about Aaron Hernandez.

Source via: TMZ.

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