Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur sues for $1.1 Million in rap royalties.

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These days Momma Dee is not the only mother protecting her son. The late/great Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur has filed suit for royalties that she feel are deserving of his estate. Calculations erupted from Tupac’s 2007 released album “Beginnings:The Lost Tape”. Referencing this claim, a company titled Entertainment One (E1) bought the rights to Tupac’s music that were previously owned by Death Row records. Now here is where we insert Oprah’s ‘Ah Ha’ moment.
Death Row went bankrupted in 2006. Afeni is now DEMANDING E1 to cough up $1.1 million and to immediately release the mastered recordings of ALL Tupac’s unreleased goods. Tupac is not the first celebrity whose work post death is still making money for others. Old Dirty Bastard’s family is currently seeking the masters and rights to his music from Damon Dash. As you can see death don’t stop revenue. Families have to advocate for their rights or they won’t get that money.
As it relates to Afeni Shakur’s lawsuit we see that death don’t stop a mother from loving and protecting her child. Afeni Shakur is advocating for her deceased son and plans on getting his masters back in the proper hands of their family. Wishing Afeni Shakur much success on recovering that money and her son’s masters.
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