Amanda Bynes is taking aim at the urban lifestyle magazine “Complex.”

Bynes’ beef with the publication started on Tuesday when “Complex” posted a video of Bynes striking poses in front of a mirror while putting on make up. “Complex” ridiculed what they called Bynes’ “erratic” behavior. Bynes quickly fired back with an extended Twitter post. She called her video “perfection” and said she’s “sick” of the articles “Complex” writes about her. The actress also demanded that the magazine stop writing articles about her without first speaking to her.


Amanda Bynes also took the opportunity to lash out at her former flame, rapper Kid Cudi.

You’re d–k-whipped by my ugly ex @ducidni  (Kid Cudi) whose looks and talent have always been questionable to me, him being  the ugly duckling that he is and all,”

“You quote him non-stop, then take professional shots of him for your covers,”

“His best photos are s–t compared to my best.”

In the snap, Bynes, 27, sports bubblegum pink lipstick and heavy blue  eyeshadow, her blond tresses unkempt and framing her face. She pouts and has one  eye closed, in what might be a wink to her followers.

Bynes has been particularly active on the social media site lately,  revealing to fans that she doesn’t  speak with her parents any more, and threatening  to sue publications that report on her behavior.

via: NY Daily News

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