Angela and Vanessa Simmons were spotted yesterday at Millions of Milkshakes out in West Hollywood, California. The duo got to create their own signature milkshake called “A La Pastry” which was picked by a twitter follower. Look inside for more hot pics.


Fortunately, they weren’t arguing about who’s their mother’s favorite and instead were all smiles as they took on the challenge of makng the milkshake.

Judging by the ingredients used in the milkshake, I’d venture to say that the milkshake is a tasty one. It includes cookie dough, vanilla protein, non-diary ice cream, whipped cream, oreos and chocolate syrup. YUM!

What makes this even better is that the girls are donating a portion of the milkshake proceeds to the ASPCA Association.

Sweet. What do you think of Angela and Vanessa’s sisterly bond at Millions of Milkshakes?

Spotted @DefGlam

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