Bobby V was on set shooting a video for “Rock Body”, a song from his up coming release Dusk Til Dawn (in stores October 16). The video was shot in  a popular Midtown Atlanta salon the other day.  “Rock Body” features Gucci Mane  and is one of several visuals coming from Bobby’s new album Dusk Til Dawn.   Check out the photos of Bobby V and a couple of his sexy leading ladies from the shoot

Producer Errol Sadler and Director2mill  were behind the visuals for the “Rock Body” video shoot.  You can catch them on twitter and instagram @supremacyfilms @director2mill .

To stay up to date with the latest Bobby V news, you can follow him on twitter , or check him out on facebook.  “Rock Body” video coming soon!!!  Dusk Til Dawn in stores October 16!!!

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