Black Entertainment Television recent denied my homie & hit-maker Sean Garrett access. The singer/songwriter/producer recently released the video “In Da Box,” featuring Rick Ross. MTV and VH1 have decided to play the video, while BET said the video was “too hot” for their network? Sounds like some hating is going on!!!  This move has Garrett’s camp wondering why the station won’t air the video and openly question whether their is some behind the scene music politicking going on.

Check out the video and let us know what you think:

I mean this definitely isn’t Uncut material and is no more risqué than Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation.” At one point, BET had banned Ciara’s “Ride” video only to further spark interest and we see Ciara didn’t even hit a bump in her career.

BET why y’all hatin on my boy!?

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