Beyonce New Movie : Beyonce Caught Breastfeeds Blue Ivy in Public

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It looks like Beyoncé could have a hand in “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy’s next musical number. reports the pop star and new mom is in talks to take part in a new film Murphy is expected to co-write and direct called “One Hit Wonders.” The comedy would also star Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon as the pop stars who give the film its title. They reportedly join forces to form a supergroup in order to shake their one-hit-wonder status. Beyoncé’s role in it all remains unknown, but in the meantime, she’s reportedly working on several possible follow-up projects to last year’s hit album, “4.”

In other news Beyonce among the millions of mothers worldwide who are proud to breastfeed their children out in the open.

Jay-Z 43 Beyonce 30, took along daughter Blue Ivy who is seven weeks, for a casual lunch at Sant Ambroeus in NYC’s West Village last Saturday. And Beyonce nursed her little girl at her table, an observer tells Us Weekly. Two additional sources confirm to Us that the first-time mom has been breastfeeding her daughter.

34 Comments to “Beyonce New Movie : Beyonce Caught Breastfeeds Blue Ivy in Public”

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  2. blackbeauty says:

    And everydody thought she wasn’t even pregnant….ha ha ha the jokes on all her haters!

  3. Seahag says:


    Actually, there is a pill that women who did not give birth can take to produce breastmilk with hormone treatment.

  4. Neci says:

    …and the problem is… uh… i know… people need to mind their business and leave Beyonce alone!!!

  5. Mrs. P says:

    When will the deception stop? This child is NOT breastfeeding! You cannot possibly breastfeed an infant while walking, especially not a very young infant…I have breastfed all THREE of my daughters, and it simply is not possible!

    Beyonce, please stop.. you are not fooling everybody!

  6. TheOne says:

    @BlackBeauty the joke is on any one who believes she is really breast feeding.. This is the same woman who hid her relationship to this child’s supposed father for YEARS, the same woman who was so private that she hardly took any pics while she was “pregnant”, with the exception of the few pics online, which look ridiculous. Now we’re expected to believe after all that privacy, she’s breastfeeding in public? What a joke!!!!

  7. Jesse says:

    I guess people do not read anymore “Jay-Z 43 Beyonce 30, took along daughter Blue Ivy who is seven weeks, for a casual lunch at Sant Ambroeus in NYC’s West Village last Saturday. And Beyonce nursed her little girl at her table, an observer tells Us Weekly” I cannot remember reading she breastfeed her daughter while she was walking just asking So can we please stop hating

  8. rw says:

    Um, if she does have a kid, why the heck is this news?! Women are allowed to BF in public, and it’s healthiest for them. Why are you trying to make this look like some kind of scandal?

  9. nm says:

    Who. Gives. A. Flying. Fuck?

  10. Daminga says:

    Beyonce is extremely private and calculated about everything she does in public. I don”t think that she expected that so many people (even white people, who they seem to value the opinion of more) would poke holes in her story and see through the fake pregnancy. This fake public breast feeding move looks like just an attempt to stop the fake pregnancy rumors. That baby does not look like them or have the black features – because no matter what she claims to be (french and indian 4 generations removed) she and Jay z would produce in a Black child with black features and much curlier kinky hair. Both Jayz and Beyonce have very kinky hair, wider noses and full lips and darker brown skin. (Don’t get confused by the fake hair, plastic surgery and skin lightening that Beyonce has- that does not get passed down through genes) . Beyonce and her mama been running from being Black for a long time. She wants to be some mixed exotic beauty so bad they did not want a black baby girl. This is probably the reason they faked it in the first place. This is self hatred at its finest.

  11. Hunee214 says:

    @ Daminga thats a nice conspiracy theory SMH. That baby looks like Beyonce’s mother and beyonces grandmother. Secondly not all babies come out with kinky hair. For example Im from the islands and of french decent and my daughters father is african american. Her hair didn’t turn kinky curl until she was 7 months, until then her hair was bone straight like indian hair When people see her they think she is mixed with white. Gene traits skip generations and we should be happy Baby Blue didn’t get her daddy’s nose yet as far as we can see. And at @ Mrs. P I used to walk arond the house breast feeding my daughter all the time so it is possible to feed and walk as long as the child is on a tilt. In this pic its clear shes not breast feeding because the baby is too high up. That was just a random picture of her and the baby walking as the article did say they were having lunch in a restaurant. And we all know as women we change after we have kids. So maybe she was private before about everything but now that she has a child that needs to be fed she doesnt care about the privacy issue that much anymore. She tweeted photos of the child didn’t she? she didn’t have to do that if she was still in privacy mode. How long did it take her to say she was married or show he wedding pictures? Anyways give the woman a break and let her do as she pleases.

  12. Gloria Camel says:

    DAMINGA!! Hater!!! Hater!! you are so SIC!! You need HELP GIRL/MAN!! It’s people like you that Jay-Z and Bey have to worry about I mean SERIOUSLY!! You are the one that seems to HATE HERSELF/HIMSELF I’m not going to assume you are a FEMALE because you are HEARTLESS and SOULLESS!! Get a life of your OWN and stop your FIXATION/FASCINATION on Beyonce I think you WISH you were BEYONCE!! And that is whats KILLING YOU JEALOUSY and ENVY is EVIL and both NEGATIVE EMOTIONS have been known since Time IMMEMORIAL to HARM people or to KILL/MURDER people just ask CAIN AND ABEL!!

  13. yoyo says:

    Daminga, I agree with you about Beyonce and her momma running from being black, that is true and NO ONE CAN DENY THAT. The truth is, black is beautiful and I can’t see why they would want to deny being part black. Beyonce’s baby is beautiful, I think she looks like both her parents.

  14. Mbaliegh says:

    So what if she BF in public? Seriously?! Being famous doesn’t a person any less of a human! What make this such a huge thing? If u worry so much bout how the baby looks, Beyonce’s background, her marriage, her pregnancy and u not even a fan YOU realli NEEd to get a life of ur own ReaLLy! What they do privately is none of our business. People should just mind their own!

  15. cece says:

    what kind of breast does she have that makes it possible for her to breastfeed like that. it doesn’t matter if she gave birth to the baby or not but saying she’s breastfeeding is crazy

  16. Brenda Walters says:

    You people need to really worry about other more pressing issues. Right now the Republican Party is trying to hijack to election to keep Obama out of the WH for a second time, the Prison Complex is wanting to get it’s clutches into young, largely unemployed Poor white and black men and put them in jail for profit. But you are squabbling over a second rate singer ? Get educated and make a difference in your world Ladies and Gentlemen. Every little bit helps-it your corner of the world. Ms Beyonce and Jay-z and their daughter will be OK without the gossip..

  17. Marisol says:

    If there is a picture of Beyonce doing everything else, why isn’t there one of her supposedly “breastfeeding?” Oh I know why, it’s because she would need the surrogate to breast feed her child. There is NO picture of Bey breastfeeding. They probably paid the person who claimed to have seen her to say so. If he took a pic of her walking down the street, why didn’t he take one of her in the restaurant? You can fool some or the people Bey. But I’m not one of them.

  18. Hayven says:

    They do not have a pill that produces breastmilk if you never been pregnant. If you were once pregnant and you’re not producing enough milk they can give you something to try and assist but it’s not a gaurantee even still and some mothers are forced to purchase milk due to not be able to lactaid as or for long periods of time. SO SEAHAG YOU ARE COMPLETLY AND UTTERLY INCORRECT

  19. potless says:

    apparently it is a living doll! bra hahaha !! reality check beyonceho!

  20. Sandy says:

    Oh for god sakes! Im not even going to say all of the facts all of the evidence, however i am going to say

    Leave this woman and her beautiful baby alone! She has a baby, she breastfed it, that is all! Please get over the “fake” rumors, they are blatant lies!

  21. Nikki says:

    Beyonce’s face got really puffy, you can not fake that. Everybody have to remember that she was on tour throughout most of the pregnancy, so of course, she would not get super big. She kept active during the pregnancy, plus she know what makes her money for her-her body. Someone can not read-the article stated that she was at lunch in the West Village when she was breast feeding Blue. Everybody’s pregnancy is different. I showed immediately with my daughter, but when I was pregnant with my son, I did not show until I was round the 5th month of pregnancy. Let Beyonce enjoy being a mom and stop the hate.

  22. Jenniferfr says:

    Ok, to the people who say that wouldn’t breastfeed in public, that is absurd. If you have ever nursed a baby, which I have (two) a seven week old baby needs to be feed every two to four hours on demand. Most people do demand feedings when their milk comes in. If the baby cries, you feed them. Simple as that. Some of these comments make me think that people are just stupid. Hayven, they do have a pill that stimulates prolactin to bring in your breastmilk even if you haven’t been pregnant before. It is called Reglan and there is also Domperidone. Many women who adopt choose to take these drugs to bring help produce more prolactin to produce milk. There are also incidences of women with higher levels of prolactin in their system that produce breastmilk without EVER having children. I believe that Beyonce had the kid and I’m wondering why breastfeeding is even news. I mean are we that starved for something to read that we make news out of nothing?

  23. Emma says:

    Congrats to Beyonce I love her music and I know she will be a great mom

  24. Kay says:

    Fact is, no one walks down the street and breastfeeds. Period, I am a mother to four and breastfed all of them. I asked my husband , who is a OB/GYN how many of his patients has he seen walking down the street and breastfeeding their kids, ” He said “The same ones that I would allow to bounce up and down , in four inch heels , yet had recently suffered a miscarriage. She sure had a great doctor, didn’t she?”. Yeah it didn’t make to much sense to me either. If it smells like a funny……

  25. Jessica says:

    Ant no way n de hell u can’t brestfeed n walk I got 2 girls n the time they where at that stage I had to b in one place !, Besides 7 weeks you cant be moveing all around n shit baby shakeing syndrome .

  26. Ebony says:

    I do find it hard to believe that someone as private as Beyonce is would breastfeed in public. Seems a bit outlandish from her track record.

  27. Kenneth Peterson says:

    Hold up!! I came here looking for a nip….so disappointing

  28. Theresa says:

    Looks like she is just carrying her baby. Without nip there is NO proof. And Jessica you can walk and breastfeed.

  29. GoldenLady says:

    For those who say you cannot breastfeed and walk, get a life! I breastfeed and walk all the time! At my babywearing class, the moms wore the babies, breastfed them and instructed us on different versions of wraps and ties all at the SAME time. You do not have to get super big either w/ a pregnancy. I gained 13 lbs and had a 7.5 lb baby. My mother gained 7 lbs and had a 6 lb baby. I am not a fan of Beoyonce’s music, but I am a new mom and am digusted at the treatment of this woman and her child at such a magical time in her life.

  30. me says:

    are you stupid? she did not deliver the baby, they used a surrogate so she can’t brestfeed! And everytime it looks like she’s carrying a doll. i don’t know, don’t like the devil worshippers at all.

  31. Girlie says:

    It’s gross if it’s not her child and she’s feeding it. Poor that child. But if she really did give birth, that’s her business. It’s the healthiest to a mother to breast feed her child

  32. nicky says:

    it is very unbelievable, doctors advice lactating mothers to sit n feel comfortable whilst breastfeeding. so i dont see y a reputable person lie Beyonce will be breastfeeding whilst standing on a highheel

  33. Liz says:

    (1) The article says she was at a table

    (2) I have 3 kids too. I breastfed exclusively. And you CAN walk and nurse a newborn, when you use a sling. You don’t know everything. Being a mom x3 should have taught you that by now.

  34. Nobz says:

    Haters haters, find sumtin useful 2 do wit ur tym. My question 2 u all is : so what?

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