Son of Snoop Dogg, Corde Calvin Broadus, was busy posting some very controversial photos on Twitter. The photos consisted of him and his Dad lighting up a bong and smoking together. We all know Snoop is a weed smoker, but his son got a little reckless on the photos via Twitter.

I guess the saying, like father like son, is correct. Corde is the oldest son and according to his many photos on social networking he is an avid smoker of trees.  And in one photo, he’s seen lighting his pop’s bong!  Corde also is following in the footsteps of his father’s rapping, he goes by the name Spanky Danky.

Corde tweeted, ‘Wouldn’t mind living in Amsterdam fo a year.’ as he attached a photo of him and his Dad rolling “cigarettes.”

Corde responds to a Tweeter who was questioning his father’s behavior with:

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