Braxton Family Values S3/E8 Recap

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Tamar reveals to the family that she’s preggo, or has a “love on top” as she calls it, Trina and Gabe go house hunting in LA, and the girls get together with Miss E for a cook-off in last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values.

Mama Evelyn is still hanging out with Tamar in LA, cooking up enough food for every holiday on the calendar. Tamar reveals to her mom that she’s got a bun in the oven, and Mama is so excited! The pregnancy happened the old fashioned way, of just “doin it,” and her other Popsicle babies from Season 2 are still in the freezer. Maybe she’ll defrost those after she pops this one out! Tamar also says she’s a little hesitant to tell anyone, especially her sisters, because of her fertility issues. We can understand that, girl…you don’t wanna say too much until you know what’s what, but don’t let fear stop you from celebrating! The sisters finally gather for Tamar’s announcement over dinner, and everyone was excited for her. Another Tamartian is on the way!


Trina puts the finishing touches on her latest single and jet-set off to LA to look at houses with Gabe. Trina thinks that moving there will give her family a fresh start, but Gabe doesn’t seem to think so. He’s a creature of habit and cheapness, saying that he’s not made of money, and knows that Trina will look for the most expensive house out there. Which she does. Homie, you can always put your foot down and say NO. It’s almost like he left his manhood in St. Lucia when they renewed their vows!


 The sisters do their cook-off challenge at Tamar’s house recreating Miss E’s dishes that they had as children. Even chitlins made the menu. For anyone who has never tasted or even seen a chitlin, just know that it ain’t for everybody. It’s an acquired taste, and you gotta be one brave soul to admit that you enjoy it! Tamar and Traci have no problem devouring the “meat” and tore it up! Towanda, on the other hand, literally turned her nose up and even changed seats at the dinner table. Toni’s dish of barbecue chicken wings literally went untouched as her sisters said her cooking has changed over the years, which is a kind way to say she can’t cook. She tried it!


So who won the cook-off? Mama E! She was and still is the reigning champ as she taught the ladies everything they know. She couldn’t choose one sister, so she chose herself. Well played, Mama!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Excited to see how Tamar handles her pregnancy? Let us know!

video via Yardie.

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