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Nate Dogg’s Home Foreclosed On Following Death


Nate Dogg’s Southern California home was foreclosed on just days after his passing. Papers filed on March 17th show the hip-hop star owed almost six-thousand-dollars for his house in Pomona, California. According to TMZ.com, the rap star hadn’t made a payment since December. Nate Dogg died on March 15th due to complications from strokes he suffered in 2007 and 2008. He was 41 years old.


Lil Romeo is all grown up and Dancing with the stars. He has already exceeded his dad Master P’s  (who was second to be voted off) DWS success.  The once hesitant Romeo initally didnt want to do the show because it didn’t fit his swag is now topping the charts and actually has a chance to be in the top 3 or win. The judges have referred to Romeo as having “the best performance of the night” Barbara Walters said “that performance was the best in DWS history” Can he do it? Can Romeo actually win Dancing With the Stars?  Click below to watch last nights performance. I promise you will say wow… READ MORE


For the past month or so, we have been exclusively covering the unfortunate beef between RL and particular members from the group Jagged Edge. It publicly began between RL and one of the twins of JE over him not wanting to take a group picture with RL for some reason which led many to believe the feuding began prior to the initial public blowout.

RL briefly spoke on the incident via live interview that night, and by the next morning went viral in the matter of hours reaching over 100,000 viewers by day one. This did not sit well with the members of JE and weeks later at Q of the R&B group 112’s birthday party Kyle of JE expressed himself publicly in front of the masses lashing out on RL who also happened to be in the atmosphere as well.

So, now that all the drama has calmed, Kyle has had a minute to reflect on his public outburst and has realized that his actions were of not his nature and wanted ti issue out a public apology to RL and disrespecting Q at his birthday party. He has realized that there is a time and place for everything and sometimes things need to be handled privately and in a more mature manner.

Kyle hit up your boy FreddyO and offered to give me the exclusive interview to his humble apology to let the world know that at the end of the day there is really nothing but love between the R&B group members of Jagged Edge, Next, and 112.


Nicki Minaj Confirms Talks For Britney Spears Tour


We told yall last week that it might be a BritNic Tour coming and now its Confirmed. A Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj summer tour is looking more and more likely. Speaking as her British alter ego “Martha,” Minaj confirmed that she is “in talks” to join Spears’ upcoming trek. Minaj, told MTV “I’m in talks about a lot of things, ya know.” Rumors that Nicki Minaj would be joining Britney Spears on the road started after Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias dropped off the tour. Nicki is currently fulfilling her duties as part of Lil Wayne’s “I Am Music Two Tour.” She will be taking the stage in New Orleans this Thursday. Britney Spears’ summer tour is slated to get underway June 17th in Sacramento, California.


So now Usher’s new leading lady in his life Grace Miguel, is coming in and taking over his empire, but not in a way we would be too proud of. Reports of been issued stating that Usher’s girlfriend/Stylist/ Co-Manager is firing his enitre staff and bringing in her own team of professionals, “I guess” to better facilitate the over flow of his brand. “I thought he was in good hands already!” clearly the team she is firing is the sole reason why Usher has banked in on Justin Beiber. READ MORE

Nets fined $50K for Jay-Z ‘s Wildcats visit


A couple weeks ago we hit you with the news of Jay Z allegedly being sued for illegally scouting members for his NBA New Jersey Nets Franchise. Now the rumors have been set to rest and a statement has been released that the Nets have been fined $50,000 by the NBA officials. The entertainment mogul visited with the Wildcats in the team’s Prudential Center locker room on March 27, congratulating them after a win over North Carolina in the Elite Eight portion of the NCAA tournament and clearly ignoring league rules prohibiting contact with players who have college eligibility remaining.

The meet-and-greet was reportedly captured on video by nearby cameras, sparking an investigation that was first reported by CBSSports.com. The fine was first reported by ESPN.com. READ MORE


The Lil Wayne “I Am Still Music” tour whizzed through the Atlanta region last night and fans were more than delighted to see the Miami resident back in full form. Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and drummer Travis Barker took over ATL’s Phillips Arena for an evening of good music and entertainment. Last night the YM founder stuck to the script he’d been using throughout the tour bringing out no special guests outside of his Young Money roster.

Lil' Waynes Tour " I'm Still Music Tour" at Phillips Arena

“Lil Wayne is currently headlining his ‘I Am Still Music Tour’ across the U.S. and Canada with plans to extend the tour through North America this summer. We hope to bring the I Am Still Music Tour to the U.K. in the later half of the year.” READ MORE


Jada Pinkett Smith admitted she’s putting her dreams aside for the future of her children. Her son and daughter have been in the lime light lately in hit films and music. Although Jada is an avid rocker and actress, she said that comes secondary to helping her kids achieve their dreams, reports The Times magazine.

“I was offered a tour with my band but Jaden was asked to film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’ He was seven and a half. Could I really let my little boy go and do a film without me being there? I canceled the tour. I canceled everything. I went to look after Jaden.”

She added that she put more of her life on hold when it came time to launch Willow’s career. READ MORE