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The alleged rumors of Nicki Minaj being a lesbian before she had her major hit to fame, may have some truth to it. According to the homies over at MediaTakeout, new pictures have been released that confirm she was in a sexual relationship with rapper Remy Ma. The allegations are stating that Nicki Minaj was not only a lesbian but years ago she in fact was a “Butch,” a term used to describe the lesbians that dressed in mens apparel. Wow could you imagine the “Harajuku Barbie” looking like a dude?  Weird huh?

Of course Nicki is denying all accusations against her, she says she doesn’t know Remy Ma like that and never dressed “Butch”.
After looking at the pictures and comparing them to the video I must say if that ain’t Nicki Minaj then my name isn’t FreddyO. LOL

Check out the video clip of Nicki Minaj explaining her relationship with Remy Ma:


Mashonda Shows King Magazine Her FREAKY Side!


OMG! Is that Swizz Beats baby mama? Wow I guess those reality show checks are panning out because she SURLEY didn’t look like this pre-divorce. LOL! Mashonda is finding her way back to herself after a messy divorce last year. She is the star of the new hit reality show “Hip Hop and Love” and is creating her own lane. She recently got the opportunity to sit down with King Magazine and speak her truth.

Check out her in depth interview:

KING: Can you explain the “Loyalty” tattoo on your hand?

MASHONDA: I got it a year after everything started going downhill. It’s a reminder to me that I have to be loyal to myself for once.

Elaborate, please.

I was so loyal to everyone, and I totally forgot about me. This is what it represents—it represents loyalty to self. Now I have to do things that I love to do, and I have to make myself happy, because I don’t really agree when people say, “I need a man ’cause I want to be happy,” or “I’m not happy because I don’t have a man.” That’s not where it starts. Happiness starts from within, and that’s in my focus.

You’re also focused on Love & Hip-Hop. So the show does not revolve around you.

Exactly. I did a few episodes [first], then ended up doing a lot of episodes because the chemistry was perfect with me and Emily. I ended up being a recurring guest, and it worked out perfectly, because I’m on the show and people get to see me and hear my stories. But it’s not like a character that’s 100 percent there.

What is your role with Emily?

I’m like her support system, her counselor. I feel like a female Dr. Phil. That person who gives her advice and is not afraid to tell her my story and show her my life, ’cause I really want her to get hers together.

How awkward was it for you to be the shoulder to lean on?

At the time that we shot, I was in a great place, so that’s what made the difference. I felt like that was my therapy, and that’s all I wanted to do. Anytime I’d log in to Facebook or Twitter, there would be tons of women reaching out to me, thanking me for sharing my story. Those messages gave me a lot of strength, a lot of courage. From that point on, I just wanted to help women, and Emily being a good friend of mine, it was easy for me to go on there and talk to her and be honest.



Soulja Boy’s Little Brother Dies In Car Crash


Today one of the music industry’s all time favorite hit makers, is enduring hard time. Soulja Boy took to Twitter on Monday (March 21) to express grief over the death of his half-brother Deion Jenkins. The 14-year-old died on Sunday in a car accident in Charleston. At this time I, FreddyO and the FreddyO staff are sending out our condolences to him and his entire family. We pray that your family has strength to get through these moments we all fear.

At this present time the the details of the fatal incident has not yet been released, once we are informed the fine details we will bring you an update. Thank you and please send and abundance of love to Soulja Boy and his family and lets respect his privacy at this time.

Here is a video clip of Soulja Boy and his little brother:


neyo performing 080709

One monkey doesn’t stop the show, Ne-Yo’s backup dancers were recently let go because they could not finish out their commitment in Japan, still stricken from the catastrophies from Japan’s earthquake. On Saturday, the R&B singer performed in Nagoya, Japan and did charity work in the areas destroyed by last week’s earthquake and tsunami. “The power of music breaks down barriers, be it language barrier, be it race barrier, whatever the case may be,” he says in a video clip of his trip. “I don’t think people understand how powerful music actually is. You can spread all kinds of messages through music. You can spread hatred through music, you can spread prejudice through music, but you can also and absolutely spread love through music and I think that’s what’s absolutely called for in this time of crisis. So that being said, spread love through music.”

Checkout Ne-Yo’s charity video in Japan:


Justin Bieber‘s “Never Say Never” beat out Michael Jackson‘s “This Is It” and has now become the most successful domestic concert film. The Biebster has taken in $72.2 Million whereas Jackson brought in $72.1 Million back in 2009. Don’t get it twisted guys, The King of Pop is still ranked #1 overseas, where “This Is It” continues to completely dominate the Biebs — $189.1 Million to $10.8 Million! Quite a gap huh?



Check out Rihanna on the cover of British magazine – Fabulous. The vocal powerhouse talked with the publication about many a topic including her father’s drug addiction, her ‘loud’ hair, trying to better herself as a performer (…), her relationship with her mother, and more.

Via Concrete Loop / RD:

On her red hair:

“I think I was ready for something new and loud and expressive. It’s really adventurous. I wanted something that was fun, you know. I didn’t want a normal hair color. I’d had blonde, and it was so boring. Black is still my favorite, but I was looking for a color that was edgy. I guess it was just the place I was in at that time. I felt like being spontaneous, and I also wanted to go for something extreme. I couldn’t do green or purple or pink, so red was like the fine line between normal and extreme!”



Tami Roman from the hit reality show “BasketBall Wives,” recently sat down with Power 92.1 and spilled the beans with TT Torrez. We always wondered what really goes on behind the scenes or if the final edited version of a reality show is a non-fictional version of current event. Well our new favorite girl of the show Tami is here to set the record straight.

On not fitting in with the other “Basketball Wives”:

She said she thinks everybody comes from a different place and she is a bit more modest when it comes to flashy clothes and things like that. She said even when she was with Kenny Anderson she was a simple person. READ MORE

Trey Songz Takes Jabs At Chris Brown On Twitter


Earlier Trey Songz sent out a tweet about Chris Brown that had is fans in an uproar. He responded to a question asked from one of the Team Breezy Fans. The Girl that tweeted Trey Songz was simply saying that she thought it was a great marketing idea for Chris brown to leak the naked pics due to his upcoming album release. So Trey Songz responded:


By Trey saying that everyone took it as a direct hit towards Chris so before any mayhem could get started today about Trey going HAM on C Breezy he immediately nipped it in the bud and says that C Breezy and he will always have love for one another. READ MORE