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Recently, Debra, who has been with the network for 26 years, spoke with FOX Business Network’s Gerri Willis and revealed that BET has made long strides in improving and getting more strict about what they allow to air. The shift in programming has caused them to deny videos from major money-making artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Ciara

On the Criticism of Degrading Women

“I think the criticism has gone away. The first thing I did, which was in the works anyway, was to create more original programming that shows different images of women. So our sitcoms have started doing that. We’ve got more documentaries. We’re going to get into the drama business. We’ve cut back on the amount of music videos, that’s how we grew up but now we’re in a position where we can do other kinds programming.”

On Becoming More Selective With Programming

“We’ve gotten more strict on what we allow on air. We used to live by broadcast standards, but as the hip hop industry got a little more risqué we had actually had to bring that back some and say just because it can be on the air doesn’t mean it has to be on the air.”


RHOA Kim Zolciak Buys $3.25 Million Mansion


Kim and her young stallion Kroy are taking things positively progressively in the right steps. Last season reunion 3 show, Kim revealed her and Kroy were expecting a little bundle of joy in months to come. She also leads to tell us that they are moving in together and will be getting married. I know it’s a little backwards but hey it’s 2011 and that’s how things are done people.


Recently Kim and her 14 year old daughter Brielle leaked information that they are moving out of the high class townhome they have been staying in and taking things Jefferson style. Yes, a $3.25 million dollar mansion to be exact. On twitter, Kim’s 14-year-old daughter Brielle Zolciak let it slip that her mom and Kroy were looking to buy a certain $3.25 million, 11,000 sq. ft. mansion in Duluth, Georgia. In fact, Brielle linked to the home on her Formspring page stating “”newwww house.” She has since deleted the post.

Kim also tweeted Thursday morning, READ MORE


We already know that the “I am Music” Tour is said to be the hottest and most profitable tours of 2011. Each night something new is revealed about the shows platform especially from my girl Ms. Minaj. Recently Wayne ann Nicki traveled to Orlando, Florida to perform and Nicki Minaj thought she’d get a little crowd participation, asking the audience to take a poll as to whether she should give a lapdance to one of her Ken Barbz or one of her Barbie fans.

You know us nasty americans are gonna go for the most dramatic performance, so hands down the female won and she got the pleasure of have Nicki’s body gyrate all over her. LOL READ MORE

FreddyO Update: Dj Megatron Murderer’s Found!


Authorities and Megatron’s family believe the murderers were after Megatron’s dough and a watch he got as a gift from his little girl

Authorities revealed:

The sad revelation came after police announced the arrest of William Williams, 21, and Richard Cromwell, 20, for the murder of the 32-year-old, whose real name was Corey McGriff.

The two men approached McGriff on Osgood Ave. about 2 a.m. March 27 and one of the men fired a single shot in the DJ’s body, killing him, police said.

The heartless pair swiped a wad of cash from McGriff’s pocket and the watch off his wrist, police and family said.

“It was an inexpensive watch that his daughter gave him,” his mother, Louvenia McGriff, 60, told the Daily News from her Georgia home.

“He loved it because she gave it to him,” she said.

The grieving mother said detectives told the family the watch was recovered shortly before the two men were arrested. READ MORE


Flavor Flav is denying allegations that he’s not paying employees at his new chicken restaurant in Iowa. The rap star tells WQAD.com that his business hasn’t been bouncing checks, adding that the people making the allegations are probably “just jealous” of his success. The restaurant’s other owner, Nick Cimino, says they did have a few checks bounce when the restaurant first opened, but notes that the “glitches” they had, have since been fixed. Cimino goes on to say that the entire incident is just an example of disgruntled former employees trying to get back at their employer.

Flavor Flav’s Chicken opened in Clinton, Iowa at the beginning of the year. READ MORE

LeBron James’ Mother Arrested For Assault


Early this morning, Lebron James Mother, Gloria was arrested in Miami Florida while on her stay at the Fountainebleau Resort. Gloria’s case is currently still being looked at as she could be facing serious battery charges.

The Miami New Times reports that details on the arrest are scant so far.

“There are currently conflicting reports as to whether or not she has been released from custody,”

the paper writes. READ MORE


Last night, WE tv toasted the premiere of their upcoming reality series “BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES” on the rooftop of the posh London Hotel in West Hollywood. The striking cast of, her sisters Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar and their mom Evelyn, wowed the pink carpet along with Gabrielle Union, Toya Carter, Michael Jai White, Shanice Wilson, Interscope R&B newcomer Timothy Bloom and more.

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES premieres Tuesday, April 12 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. I said it before and i’ll say it again,when they came to the ATL to give us an exclusive look into the first episode. They ladies are going to give you everything you need when it comes to the world of entertaining. Please take my word for it and tune in next week.

Photo Of The Day: What Happened To Eva Marcille?


OMG! What happened to Eva? I am NOT feeling the new look and new face. Lately I noticed the celebrities doing drastic changes to their appearances and for no reason, she was pretty just as she was. What yall think? Lance come save her ASAP…