Jeezy Takes Shots At Rick Ross, Ross Fires Back

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Ross thinks he’s Big Meech, Larry Hoover… and Jezzy thinks he’s a fraud. Ross released his single “B.M.F.” and  then Jeezy released the single “Real B.M.F.” Supposedly, Jeezy was going to call his the Real Black Mafia Family but instead changed it to Real Blowin’ Money Fast just like Ross. I’m confused Jeezy. So is Ross.

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Jay Z Dropping New Book “Decoded” In November!

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Jay Z is finally dropping his long over due book, “Decoded”. Jay-Z collaborated with former The Source editor Dream Hampton on the book, which includes 336 pages worth of interviews with Jay-Z’s family and friends as well as the rapper, himself. This should make an interesting read since Jay Z is not one to display many emotions in public, or take pictures (believe me- we know), and has been seen as guarded when it comes to his personal life. Read More »

Rosa Acosta Admits to Being Made of Plastic

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Well…partially, made of plastic. Video vixen and Dominican hottie, Rosa Acosta, put herself on blast in a very public way by blogging her thoughts about her own experience getting plastic surgery. Read More »

Princess Banton Creator Of The Atlanta Housewives Launches Production Company

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Princess Banton Lofters creator of The Atlanta Housewives just launched her own production company called, Loft 22. Thursday night her office was filled with well wishers,friends and family as she just smiled the night away. It was hosted by my bookie Lisa Wu Hartwell. I had the pleasure of meeting Princess a couple of years ago and she is such a pleasant lady.


“Princess Banton-Lofters is the Founder and CEO of Loft 22 Entertainment, a successful entertainment production company based inAtlanta, GA. Loft22 Entertainment creates, produces, writes, pitches, and develops television show concepts for major networks from pre- to post production. The company has a unique specialty in casting all talent for programming produced under its corporate umbrella. Loft 22 Entertainment strives to create thrilling, dramatic, and inspiring programming and accomplishes this through Banton-Lofters’s exceptional gift for developing talent and breakout concepts. Operating under the mission of “Dreaming Big,” and within only a few months of launching, the company received its first development deal with a major production company”.

On October 15-17th Loft 22 Entertainment will present The Southern Television & Film Summit. They are looking for all filmakers,producers,directors,writers,network execs, casting agents, actors, investors, film students and film enthusiast! For more info please visit: here is the for you to call 404-351-4222. Check out the pics and I wish her many years of success! Thanks April Love for the personal invite! Read More »

Maia Campbell On Them Rocks… Again??

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Seems like our favorite crack head actress “Maia Madness” has relapsed. Sadness. In this video, Campbell goes off on another crackhead rant as she talks non stop for over 5 minutes. The former In The House star needs to get in the house. Its so sad the way drugs can cause a person to act. She was so beautiful. God bless her.

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Laurence Fishburne’s 19 Year Old Daughter “Chippy D” Doing Adult Films?

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Montana Fishburne, daughter of superstar actor Laurence Fishburne, has began throwing that thing back on film using the name Chippy D, and feels her “career” can take off by shooting adult films. Crickets…umm, pops can’t be proud of this one. The daughter of a theolgian trained actor feels she can get her big break by shooting films with adult film star ‘Brian Pumper’…smh. I don’t see this turning out too well. When asked how she got this idea, she stated…brace yourself…

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.”

BOOM! In the face. These stars have no idea of the power they have nowadays. If you are at work, USE HEADPHONES AND BE CAREFUL.


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Nicki Minaj Breaks Out Into English Accent During MTV Interview!

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Is Hollywood becoming Hollywierd for Nicki Minaj? In a recent interview discussing her new video ‘Your love’, she explains how she wanted to do the video a little different. Midway throughout the interview though, this English Nicki alter ego came out of no where.

I just thought that was the most emotional and truthful storyline. Everyone would normally make themselves the winner in the end, and I wanted a twist. Also its, I wanted to show the only way I would be beat be, is if you cheat. If you play fair and square, I am going to win. You know…

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Is Diddy Priming Rick Ross To Be The Next Biggie Smalls?

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At the beginning of Rick Ross’s latest mix tape, Diddy says “Every ten years, there is a rebirth of greatness. This is the second coming”. Is Diddy referring to Rick Ross as being the second coming of Biggie? The video below shows Diddy promoting Ross’s album at Club Play in Miami. There are several other pictures and videos of the dynamic duo also, now that Ross is a member of the Dream Team…but honestly, I think Diddy has ‘another Biggie’ in mind…what yall think?

T.I. Was In Hawaii Recording With Kanye…Not Getting Married

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kanye and ti

DJ drama recently said in an interview with Whoo Kid’s radio show that T.I. will be on Kanye’s new album ‘Good Ass Job’, and they were recording in Hawaii. Funny how everyone thought that man was getting married this past weekend. Drama also talked about his future projects including Yo Gotti’s new mixtape Cocaine Muzik 4.5 which is due out next Tuesday. Check out the interview below. Read More »