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After her nip slip yesterday, Nicki Minaj took the time out to give a mini interview to Sam Champion of Good Morning America. Surprisingly, he didn’t even mention the nip slip, but they talked about a number of other things included her water proof outfit and her harajuku wig. What stood out most to me from the interview was when Sam asked her, “If there’s one thing in your heart that you feel like, I just can’t wait to do this?” READ MORE

Rap phenom performed in Central Park this morning for Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. While amping up the crowd, she let a lil nip slip out. She quickly pulled herself together and played it off well.

Thanks Funkmaster Flex for the pics. READ MORE

While some of you may have never heard of him, Tinie Tempah is big stuff in Great Britain, some would even venture to call him the British Jay-Z! Our team recently met up with him at the Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station before a concert to get the lowdown. Tempah dropped his debut album Disc-Overy last year and has been dropping hit singles ever since, including Pass Out, Frisky, Written in the Stars featuring Eric Turner, Miami 2 Ibiza and Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland. He’s done a few shows with Rihanna and Usher during the european leg of their tours; and recently dropped Till I’m Gone featuring Wiz Khalifa. The EMI Records artist also pulled a win at the BET Awards for Best International Act.

Tinie Tempah Shaking Hands with Afrika Baby Bam formerly of Jungle Brothers READ MORE

Queen Latifah Tells Us What She Looks For In A Woman

My girl Mz. Shyneka from Hot 107.9 sat down with Queen Latifah and had an interesting interview to say the least. In the interview, Queen Latifah actually came out. While it wasn’t a confessional type of interview, she did answer questions that did not hide her lesbian lifestyle that many have wondered about over the years. In addition to this interview, she gave one to Tracy Scott of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. In that interview, she told readers exactly what she’s looking for in a woman: READ MORE

Sean Kingston Survives TWO Open Heart Surgeries!

We all remember the news of when Sean Kingston had a tragic ski accident Memorial Day weekend in Miami. Recently Sean gave MTV’s Sway his first interview since the wreck inside of his Miami home. READ MORE

More and more details continue to leak about the reasons as to why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have divorced. READ MORE

T-Pain is taking the vocal device that made him a star to court. The singer filed a lawsuit this week against Antares Technologies — the company behind auto-tune — alleging the company is using his name and image without his permission. T-Pain left Antares back in June to start a product called “The T-Pain Effect” with the company Izotope. Despite their separation, the hip-hop star says Antares continues to use him to try to sell their products. T-Pain’s lawsuit alleges that Antares’ actions are causing confusion in the marketplace, and damaging the sale of his upcoming product.

T-Pain is seeking at least one-million dollars in damages, and wants an injunction prohibiting Antares from using his name and image to sell their products. If Pain gets the money he can buy you lots of drink… LOL how is that for a segway…

Oprah Winfrey’s Getting Sued

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is getting sued! A woman named Simone Kelly- Brown is suing Oprah for stealing her phrase “Own Your Power”. READ MORE