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In his first interview in 5 years, Dave Chapelle gave details on a number of things ranging from a recent story that ran saying he wasn’t funny on stage all the way to why he won’t return to t.v. The interesting interview was held on the radio station 94.9. On not being funny in Miami, he stated that the REAL reason was because the entire front row at the casino gig was full of Seminole Indian hecklers. He said it was difficult trying to talk while they were talking especially when they were directly in his face. He even admitted that it DOES get to him when people start booing because he does want to do well. READ MORE

At first appearance, Attack The Block – a new British film set in the apartment blocks of South London, seems like a cheesy movie about aliens attacking earth. Upon watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie to be witty and provocative. The film also is socially critical, highlighting many of the underlying issues that caused the explosive events in South London and across the United Kingdom. John Boyega, a 19-year-old newcomer, plays the lead, Moses – a rough, neglected teenager who leads a ragtag gang of four other boys. Born and raised in the streets of South London, Boyega easily connects with the role, leaving very little doubt as to the authenticity of the character he portrays.

Attack The Block opens with fireworks over London and in the midst of them, Moses and his crew begin robbing a woman as she walks home alone. An alien decides to crash-land on top of them, ruining the party. The alien then attacks Moses while he is trying to rob the car it destroyed in the process of landing, so he chases it down and kills it…and the trouble begins. READ MORE

Tami Roman Tells Rolling Out Magazine Who She Really Is

One of the realest basketball wives known to date, Tami Roman, has recently covered Rolling Out Magazine. In the magazine we see a new side of Tami with a different hair color as well as longer straight tresses opposed to the normal curly black hair we see her with. We also see another side of her in the interview she gives the popular magazine. She makes it clear to readers that while she may come off as the chick that’s always ready to pop off on somebody, there’s more to her. READ MORE

Rock icon Lenny Kravitz will be featured on UPTOWN Magazine’s cover for the 2011 style issue this month. The article includes an intimate interview with Kravitz, as well as Jill Jones, a good friend and fellow musician. From the sneak peaks, I gather that Lenny is an everyday, round-the-way kinda dude. He doesn’t have security and raised his and Lisa Bonet’s child, Zöe, as a single father. He also sings the praises of the late Teena Marie as well, saying,

“She would cook a lot. It was here and Penny Johnson, Rick James’ little sister. They looked after me, fed me. She took me to concerts. She took care of a lot of folks.The big reason why I am here [is] because of this sister. She was for real. She was self-contained, a multi-instrumentalist, a writer, producer.”

He paints an awesome picture of Teena Marie, showing us a side of her that we rarely got to see. He also discusses his childhood as an interracial child in a racialized society.

Check out the pics below: READ MORE

Mindless Behavior and Diggy Simmons Visit Atlanta

Crowds of screaming tweens lined-up outside of DTLR, a hip-hop clothing store, in South Atlanta to welcome to town R&B boy band Mindless Behavior and rapper Diggy Simmons.

                       Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks and his kids posing with Diggy

The signing event took place just hours before their sold-out performance at Masquerade and including about 800 people. Football Wives co-star Chanita Foster was even there with her daughters and husband.

Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc Royal, Prodigy and Diggy signed autographs and gave out kisses to little girls as the crowds swelled on a steamy ATL Day


The People’s Station – V103 – sponsored the event and had Copy, Paste and Mrs. Right on repeat, but that couldn’t save you from the ear-piercing shrieks and crying girls.


Here’s Video Recape ….


Here are all the photos and videos READ MORE

Keri Hilson took a break from her tour with Lil’ Wayne, I Am Still Music, to sit down and give an interview to WILDAtlanta. They talked about a number of things ranging to her diet on tour, what separates the boys from the men, as well as how she is VERY unforgiving towards men who have done her dirty. What stood I out to me was when the interviewer asked her if it felt great to be back at home. READ MORE

Brandy Joins CW’s Cast Of “90210”

Brandy will be moving into TV’s most famous zip code this fall. The R&B star has landed a recurring role on The CW’s “90210.” Brandy will be playing a young politician named Marissa Jackson-Lewis who is described as a “cross between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. READ MORE

After her nip slip yesterday, Nicki Minaj took the time out to give a mini interview to Sam Champion of Good Morning America. Surprisingly, he didn’t even mention the nip slip, but they talked about a number of other things included her water proof outfit and her harajuku wig. What stood out most to me from the interview was when Sam asked her, “If there’s one thing in your heart that you feel like, I just can’t wait to do this?” READ MORE