Nicki Minaj Breaks Out Into English Accent During MTV Interview!

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Is Hollywood becoming Hollywierd for Nicki Minaj? In a recent interview discussing her new video ‘Your love’, she explains how she wanted to do the video a little different. Midway throughout the interview though, this English Nicki alter ego came out of no where.

I just thought that was the most emotional and truthful storyline. Everyone would normally make themselves the winner in the end, and I wanted a twist. Also its, I wanted to show the only way I would be beat be, is if you cheat. If you play fair and square, I am going to win. You know…

Check out the video below! Read More »

Is Diddy Priming Rick Ross To Be The Next Biggie Smalls?

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At the beginning of Rick Ross’s latest mix tape, Diddy says “Every ten years, there is a rebirth of greatness. This is the second coming”. Is Diddy referring to Rick Ross as being the second coming of Biggie? The video below shows Diddy promoting Ross’s album at Club Play in Miami. There are several other pictures and videos of the dynamic duo also, now that Ross is a member of the Dream Team…but honestly, I think Diddy has ‘another Biggie’ in mind…what yall think?

T.I. Was In Hawaii Recording With Kanye…Not Getting Married

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kanye and ti

DJ drama recently said in an interview with Whoo Kid’s radio show that T.I. will be on Kanye’s new album ‘Good Ass Job’, and they were recording in Hawaii. Funny how everyone thought that man was getting married this past weekend. Drama also talked about his future projects including Yo Gotti’s new mixtape Cocaine Muzik 4.5 which is due out next Tuesday. Check out the interview below. Read More »

Omarion Says Amber Rose Has No Class

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R&B singer Omarion has taken a quick jab to the trachea of  Kanye West’s bisexual girlfriend Amber Rose. The former  B2K singer stated he’d never date a woman who went both ways, enjoying males and females, because they lack “class.” Is that right? I have never heard a man say such a thing. lol

I guess the idea of romancing a model type celebrity chic who has openly admitted to kissing women doesn’t appeal to the artist. I am willing to bet that idea sits well with many other men though.  Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Gets Put In Isolation After Inmates Try To Take Her Goods!

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Lindsay has been put in lockdown after her fellow L.A. County jail inmates began chanting “firecrotch” over and over, causing the jailed actress to have a “hysterical fit.”

Inmate Cheryl Presser, who was recently released and witnessed Lilo’s breakdown, said, “Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and covering her face with her hands. Her wailing was keeping everyone awake …. She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling, so she got put in isolation.” Read More »

Katy Perry Is Naked On Her New Album Cover

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According to Starpulse, on Wednesday, July 21st, renowned contemporary artist Will Cotton unveiled his recently completed portrait of chart-topping recording artist, Katy Perry. Katy was present for the unveiling in the artist’s Lower East Side, Manhattan studio. The painting will also be featured as the cover of Katy’s new album, “Teenage Dream,” scheduled for US release on August 24th. Read More »

Video Update: Wheelchair Bound Rosie Perez Reveals Scar

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While guest staring on Law and Order, Rosie was shaken so hard in a stunt, it left her severely injured. Recently she underwent surgery to place bone marrow into her neck due to a slipped disc. She serves on the presidents advisory board for HIV, and recently visited President Obama.

When  the actress-dancer showed up to a White House event in a wheelchair, she had to explain to a baffled President Obama Read More »

Shyne And Jeezy On Next Issue Of XXL + Shyne Spitting Bars In Belize Video And Opens Up About Diddy And Prison

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For the September issue, which also marks the magazine’s 13th anniversary, Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa Satten traveled to Belize for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Shyne Po. Shyne is a rapper who took the fall for Diddy in 2001.

It is alleged that on December 27, 1999, Shyne, along with Combs and then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, was involved in a shooting at a Manhattan club which left three people injured. As a result the 21-year-old rapper, whose debut album was pending release, was charged with attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

On prison: “I looked at bein’ in the pen for 10 joints as my opportunity to concentrate, to get things in perspective. And I never let it devastate me, although it was devastating, because I never thought I was gonna be in jail for 10 years. I thought I was gon’ make a bail. I thought I was gon’ get my shit reversed. I’m terribly optimistic.” Read More »

Dawn From Dirty Money Finally Speaks Up About Twitter Proposal

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Dawn Richards of Dirty Money (former singer of Danity Kane) was proposed to by her on and off again boyfriend Q (Quanell-former singer with Day 26) on July 4 via twitter, and indicated she did not know he was going to do that. The real question is, what did Diddy’s newest band mate say? Read More »