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What Is Going On? Mother Adds Gin To Baby Formula


What is really going on with these new mother today every time I turn on the TV some newly mother wilds out her child. Who adds Gin to baby formula as a substitute for WATER? WTF

This is what the lady told officials:

“When she prepared her child’s bottle that morning, she mistakenly used gin instead of water to mix the powdered formula. She went back to sleep after giving her child the bottle, and it was only when she woke up and checked the water bottle again that she realized her mistake. Poole said she had friends over the day before who had brought some gin. Poole claimed the gin was in the same type of bottle she used to keep water for her child’s formula.”


Rihanna is working to raise awareness for the global water crisis. RiRi just partnered with UNICEF for its Tap Project, educating and engaging consumers about the lack of access to safe, clean drinking water for nearly 900 million people worldwide.

Other celebrities appearing in the public service campaign include Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Adrian Grenier, Dwight Howard, and Robin Williams. Each star will bottle tap water from their homes for a sweepstakes where entrants can win a limited edition “Celebrity Tap Pack,” a custom-designed case that includes the special celebrity bottles and helps to raise money for UNICEF’s sanitation and clean water programs.


The goal of the UNICEF Tap Project is to create awareness for the water deficit and encourage the public to take action to reduce the number of children dying daily from waterborne illnesses, the second-highest cause of preventable childhood deaths in the world. Here’s the video: READ MORE

Justin Bieber Fans Are Trying To Kill Selena Gomez


Sources say that Selena Gomez has received many death threats from jealous Bieber fans and she’s become “terrified” of them! That got to feel crazy, little girls all over the world talking sh*t for no reason!!! And there is nothing really Selena can do about it, other than call the police.

The Sources say:

“Selena’s terrified. READ MORE

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is on the up and up! The jump-off of Kanye West is about to take care of business and start making her own dough. She has just announced that the funny man Jamie Foxx is giving her, her own show segment on “Foxxhole Radio Show”. The show will be call “Amber N The Roses”

The overly zealous Amber so excited about her new deal instantly went to the wonderful world of Twitter and wrote:

“Its official!!! I have my own radio show coming soon on FOXXHOLE radio!!!”

New boss Jamie Foxx and the “Foxxhole Family”, welcomed her with open arms:

“Shout out to @darealamberrose… Newest member of the Sirius/XM FoxxHole family.

Amber, new girlfriend of the infamous hit maker “Black & Yellow, Wiz Kalifah, to deliver the real, spicy and sexiness at all times. So people get ready to be intrigued.

“Now ppl can finally get a dose of my spicyness. I’m so happy to be a part of the Foxxhole Family! #AmberNtheRoses.”

Spotted @ Rap-Up


Rihanna has officially tapped into her “Grown Woman Era”. The 23 year old was recently granted the opportunity to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine’s April Issue. It is every girls dream to just be featured on a page in the magazine but to be the headliner, speaks volumes about your pretigous stature with Vogue.


RHOA’s Kandi Goes HAM On Blogger Via Twitter!


Monday tragedy hit the news when we heard that Kandi’s lated fiance Aj’s daughter was shot in the head while driving in the car with friends and rushed to Grady hospital and is now in critical condition. Kandi released a small statement via twitter :

“My heart feels heavy 2day.” “I have my daughter & her friends so I’m trying to keep smiling but I’m worried about some1 else I care about.”

I guess this statement didn’t satisfy SR enough, because she said Kandi was being insensitive and only cares about herself. This didn’t sit well with Kandi and she instantly went on a twitter rant & rave.

Check It Out: READ MORE

bobbi kris sitting snorting bobbi Kris snorting

Bobby Brown has been busy all over promoting the release of his upcoming album, new reality, and tour. While interviewing with major media outlets he talks about his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Everyone once to know if the alleged cocaine usage is true. But in stead of feeing into the drama on her, he shed light on her and her amazing ability to sing and dance. He also says she is not on drugs that’s the extent of it.

Check out his responses when questioned on the “View” and “ABC News Now: What’s the Buzz?

“She sings like a bird. She sings a little better than Whitney and she has my legs so (she can dance)…”
“I’m gonna do duets with all of my kids; they all sing and dance, so I’m just waiting for the right time to strike, you know, the Brown clan.”
Bobby also hit up ABC News Now ‘What’s the Buzz,’ and when he was asked about his daughter’

s alleged drug use, he responded:

“I don’t know anything about that[...]My daughter, she doesn’t, she doesn’t do that.”


Chris Brown has now decided to open up about the loneliness he felt in the aftermath of his fight with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, as friends and industry colleagues gave him the stiffer. Its funny that he is speaking about this now and I kinda almost feel like this is some B.S. cause attitude is everything (his is really really really bad) and I know although a lot of peps stopped liking him, people were still their for him.  Here’s what he had to say:

“A handful of people stuck by me,” he tells the New York Post’s Page Six. “But when people see certain things happen to somebody, they usually turn away. READ MORE