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Foxy Brown Dishes on Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Beef + Growing Up

Foxy Brown recently appeared on the Vanessa Jasey Show and opens up about everything. The interview took place after Foxy went off in a Brooklyn restaurant (see here) and she gives off a totally different personality than how the media portrays her to be. Inga discusses her West Indian background,  the troubles in her life as well as her story growing up in the music industry.

With regards to the Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim beef, Foxy sets it straight that her and Nicki are great friends, but also, that she taught her well and that she’s honored to see that Minaj is using her style. And then goes on to compare herself to Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige and how they mentored Kanye and Keyshia Cole.

Check out the video below: READ MORE

Everyone knows that Lauryn Hills album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a classic so it only makes sense that she sat down with Reebok Classics and Rock The Bells to give commentary on the album. In the video she tells about how it surprised but excited her that people received her album so well. She goes on to say that through the album she was trying to express herself so she made music that she wanted to hear. READ MORE

Rapper Big Sean is over in the U. K. busy performing shows but he did find the time to do an interview with Tim Westwood. This interview is juicy to say the least. Big Sean gave out details of how he’s signing women’s chest overseas and even how his mother caught him in the act on his first time. Sean was also sure to make it known that he’s got a ride or die chick by his side that he’s been with since he was 19 (he’s 23 now). He told Tim Westwood how she allowed him to sleep on her couch before they were even together, looked out for him, supported him at all of his shows when the crowd only consisted of her and her friends. READ MORE

In a recent interview with the Star Tribune Ms. Jackson opened up about a series of things. However, she was sure to comment on the recent nip slips that have occured. Jon Bream of the Star Tribune asked her:

Q: Now that Nicki Minaj and others have had wardrobe malfunctions on TV, how do you feel about what happened to you because of your wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl?

A: Well, I am sorry that it has happened to others. It is not a great feeling and I sympathize with them. I find it interesting in my case that I am the only person who it seems to still come up for.


Comedian Jamie Foxx recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and had a lot to talk about. In case you didn’t know, he’s the executive producer of Affion Crockett’s new comedy show. While on the show he spoke with Jimmy about a number of things ranging from his visit to South Africa this summer all the way to his fear of working with Tom Cruise. Of course, Jamie did it in the only way he knows how — pure hilarity! READ MORE

The hot topic with the Jennifer Hudson nowadays seems to be her weight. In an interview with People magazine, Jennifer admitted that she didn’t know she was over weight. In fact, she said she found out she was overweight in an interview on the red carpet when someone asked her, “So how does it feel to be plus-sized in Hollywood?”. Apparently the question through Jennifer for a loop because she said, “In the neighborhood I’m from in Chicago, a 16 is normal. But in Hollywood, everyone looks exactly the same, so I stood out”. READ MORE

In his first interview in 5 years, Dave Chapelle gave details on a number of things ranging from a recent story that ran saying he wasn’t funny on stage all the way to why he won’t return to t.v. The interesting interview was held on the radio station 94.9. On not being funny in Miami, he stated that the REAL reason was because the entire front row at the casino gig was full of Seminole Indian hecklers. He said it was difficult trying to talk while they were talking especially when they were directly in his face. He even admitted that it DOES get to him when people start booing because he does want to do well. READ MORE

At first appearance, Attack The Block – a new British film set in the apartment blocks of South London, seems like a cheesy movie about aliens attacking earth. Upon watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie to be witty and provocative. The film also is socially critical, highlighting many of the underlying issues that caused the explosive events in South London and across the United Kingdom. John Boyega, a 19-year-old newcomer, plays the lead, Moses – a rough, neglected teenager who leads a ragtag gang of four other boys. Born and raised in the streets of South London, Boyega easily connects with the role, leaving very little doubt as to the authenticity of the character he portrays.

Attack The Block opens with fireworks over London and in the midst of them, Moses and his crew begin robbing a woman as she walks home alone. An alien decides to crash-land on top of them, ruining the party. The alien then attacks Moses while he is trying to rob the car it destroyed in the process of landing, so he chases it down and kills it…and the trouble begins. READ MORE