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CeeLo Green Has Landed His Own Talk Show


Set to air this summer, Grammy award winner CeeLo has landed his own talk show to premiere on the Fuse network.  The show is entitled “CeeLo Green* Talking To Strangers”, which was named after a track off of his mixtape, Stray Bullets. The show will feature CeeLo interviewing various artist on a wide range of topics. There will also be performances by different artist as well special performances by Mr. Green himself. I sure hope his show does better than Brian McKnight’s. LOL

Beyonce’s Billboard Performance a Rip Off

Fresh off of her“Billboard Millennium Award” Beyonce is facing harsh criticism  about her performance of “Run The World (Girls)”at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. It is rumored that Beyonce ripped off the 2010 performance of Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini.


Yep you read that right. Rick Ross is on the Cover of Vibe’s Sexy Issue. I can’t understand it but hey I’m not a chic. Vibe Magazine has chosen the Aston Martin music maker to grace the cover of the upcoming Sexy Issue which will hit news stands next month.

In the spread Vibe reports:

Fly Kix ATL had all the homies from the A was their to support my home boy Future. Future threw a BBQ at Fly Kix to salute the DJ’s for all the support they give. “When you think of a bbq, you think of family so what better way would to celebrate DJ’s I invited all the family and friends.”

Future stated on this afternoons event. Coming out to show support was DJ Don Cannon, Sean Garrett, DJ Drama, Travis Porter, CTE’s Scrilla, and G.O.O.D Musics Cyhi Da Prince. When i asked members of Travis Porter their take on the event they said “We throw 1 of these events almost every year, its important to salute the DJ’s because they are the most important in the industry.” Also went on to add ” It’s all about the DJ’s the underground niggaz wouldn’t make it, that’s how we became famous.”

DJ Omezy on the 1’s and 2’s at the event said “I feel it’s a wonderful thing and more artist need to do it, Great Venue and Great Food.”

The event was one of the best by far and shout out to everyone who made the event possible, and make sure you holla at my people at Fly Kix ATL and check out my boy Future’s Mixtape which drops Monday. Here are all the pic’s… READ MORE

So now we finally get clarification on what the hell happened to the BET Roster and why many celebrities we thought would make the cut got snubbed this year. We get the mishap from the man that runs the show Mr. Stehpen Hill who is the Executive VP of BET sat down and dished to the world on what happened with this years BET Award roster. He speaks on Trina’s vulgar response via twitter and all the support she receive from the other celebs (Read More)

BET.com: How were the nominees chosen for this year’s BET Awards?

Stephen Hill: Like every time, there’s a collection of music industry folks, bloggers, music writers and, most importantly, a collection of fans that were gleaned from BET.com. We call it the Voting Academy. We had fans, music writers, bloggers and music industry folks.

Why wasn’t Trina nominated in the Female Hip Hop category?

Okay, that was because Trina didn’t submit a video that was in during the eligibility period. Let me back up. To be eligible, here’s what you have to have: a video that’s submitted and then first played on BET…between April 1 of one year and March 30 of the next year. So for this eligibility period it would be April 1 of 2010 to March 30 of 2011. She did not release a video to us in that time. “Million Dollar Girl” came in March. I think it was March 12 or so of 2010. And so she was in last year’s nominees for that. While she was featured in Lola Monroe’s video, the rules are you have to release a video of your own. You have to be the primary artist on it. You can’t be just the feature artist and be eligible. So that’s why Lola Monroe was eligible but Trina was not for this year because it came out this year. So I’ve reached out to her camp. I’ve talked to the head of her label. And actually the only reason I might get off this call is because I may be getting a call from Trina while this call is going on.

If she calls you just go ahead and jump off.

And I want to be clear: We love Trina, we work with Trina. She performed “Million Dollar Girl” on Rip the Runway in February of 2010. So we love Trina. We definitely understand that it’s a misunderstanding. And I’ll tell you now, if I were Trina and I’d released something during the eligibility period and it had not been nominated, I probably would’ve had a little bit of side-eye too. But the truth is she just wasn’t in the eligibility period.

Trina wasn’t the only one throwing the side-eye. Diamond shouted her out on Twitter, and even Nicki Minaj criticized the nominees. Does that concern you at all? READ MORE

Sarah Palin is criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama for inviting hip-hop star Common to today’s poetry celebration at the White House. The former Alaskan Governor sent out a tweet on Tuesday that read “Oh lovely, White House.” The tweet was followed by a link to a story on the “Daily Caller” which transcribed the lyrics from Common’s poem “A Letter To The Law.” The poem features Common taking shots at former President George W. Bush, and making references to firearms. Palin isn’t the only person criticizing Common’s White House invite. Fox News and the Drudge Report have also expressed concerns over the emcee’s appearance at today’s event.
Common, however, seems to be enjoying all the commotion. He sent out a tweet saying that Fox News and Sarah Palin don’t like him, and jokingly added that he is in fact “dangerous.”

Beyonce And Her Fans Name New Album “4”

Beyonce is keeping things simple when it comes to naming her upcoming fourth album. It’s called “4,” and she’s thanking fans for the inspiration. Beyonce tells “Billboard” that everywhere she turned, people were calling the untitled album “4,” so she chose to abandon her previous concept and go with the number because she felt it would be “really nice” to let the fans pick the title. The singer says the number four holds a significant place in her life. It’s her birthday, her mother’s birthday, several of her friends’ birthdays, and also the anniversary of her wedding to hip-hop mogul Jay Z.

Beyonce released “Run The World (Girls)” last month as the first single from “4.” There is still no definitive release date for the album.

Will Smith’s Movie Trailer Upsetting NY Residents

The city of New York typically has a pretty high threshold for the inconveniences that come with movies that are filmed here, but Will Smith has discovered the breaking point. In NYC to film “Men in Black III,” Smith has parked a massive, double-decker, 1,150-square foot trailer smack in the middle of the Soho neighborhood. Adding insult to injury for the people inconvenienced by the behemoth, Smith is renting an apartment less than a mile away.

The trailer’s nickname is:

“The Heat,” as the New York Post reports, “includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons.”