Chili & Her “Mystery Man” at the 2010 Soul Train Awards

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At the 2010 Soul Train Awards, Chili was all smiles with her new man. Chili walked on the purple carpet looking like a million dollars with a tall blue-eyed white man (or maybe mixed) attached to her arm. They looked great together. We were trying to figure out just who is though and our sister Michele over at StraightFromtheA figured it out.

StraightFromTheA Quoted:

“Everyone on the carpet was wondering about Chilli’s “mystery” man and after a bit of digging, I found out his identity.

In case you were wondering…

Chilli’s date is Lasse Larsen and he’s an international model. Yup… Chilli’s got her a certified grade “A” pretty boy.

As you know Chili was on a complicated quest to find her “perfect” man on her Vh1 Reality Show earlier this year. Is this him? Check out more pictures of the couple of the night.

DSC_0189-e1289494598802 thumbnail
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5 Comments to “Chili & Her “Mystery Man” at the 2010 Soul Train Awards”

  1. MrBumpcap says:

    She saw Usher with a white woman , now this.. LOL

  2. kelly says:

    They look really happy together go chilli its your bday love a fan

  3. POLO says:

    Chili’s skin looks absolutely radiant. She is so sexy to me.

  4. Surprise says:

    Good for her. These black men suck, and yes I’m black.

  5. Real says:

    Chilli is just beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, elegant all that in one. You go Chilli. The white man look very happy standing with you. You and Usher will be together again.

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