According to GlobalGrind, Chris Brown and Karrueche are dealing with breakup rumors, but from the look of things, Miss Tran is still around, accompanying Breezy on his recent trip to Cannes, France. But pop culture conspiracy theorists have reason to believe that Rihanna and Chris Brown are still dating on the low. It has been reported that both singers vacationed together. Do you think this was just a coincidence that they happened to plan a trip to the same international destination at the same time, I don’t.

Rihanna recently visited St. Tropez, where she and a few friends have been partying aboard their yacht with her very special guest , Chris Brown, who is now sporting platinum blonde hair. Brown landed in St. Tropez with rapper Ludacris on Sunday, and announced his arrival on Instagram. Soon after his arrival Rihanna tweeted, “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit.”

People speculate a lot but pictures don’t lie, but the stories do make for good news, lol.  THEJASMINEBRAND reports Chris Brown and Ludacris landed safely in France together after Luda took over as pilot of the helicopter. Check him out below:


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