Chris Brown can now add toymaker to his other business ventures as he joins forces with famed artist Ron English in creating a line of action figures that will be called “The Dum English” astronaut series. Chris may be new to creating toys but the singer has been into art since a young child and often can be seen spray painting original pieces around the world. Check inside for more deets on his new toy line.

The action figures will have a futuristic look as they will be space figures with skeleton faces, star-shaped eyes, and even gold teeth. This definitely seems like a Chris Brown toy since the muscian has both skeletal and star tattos on his body and he can also be seen rocking his occassional gold grill. The signifigance of the look is said to represent the pitfalls of being a star and the loneliness it may bring…..interesting concept for a child’s toy but I digress.

“An astronaut doesn’t go to space just for himself or his family. The whole country is behind him,” English says. “We were talking about what it was like to be famous,” English tells the Miami News Time. “It seems like something that’s very attractive. But it can also be very isolating in ways.

The toys will only be sold in specific stores like the popular toy store Kid Robot. Will you be purchasing a Dum English Astronaut for your little one?

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